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How to Productively Build Your Personal Brand on a Zero Budget For Women

Investing in yourself with fabulous makeup, great exercises and of course a divine wardrobe is all part of building your personal brand. Let’s focus on things we can splurge on and things we can save money with I thought it might be neat to give you a list of ways you can build your personal brand without a budget! So pick three things from this list to work on this week.

Social Networks and Personal Accountability

Having supportive family and friends can sometimes make all the difference in our success. Supportive social networks provide personal accountability, which motivates and inspires us to stay dedicated to our goals. Without these supportive social circles, it can become incredibly more difficult to make the changes we need to succeed in our lives.

How to Stop Being Shy and Quiet – Here Is How to Get Started and Then Lose Your Shyness Forever

Learning how to stop being shy and quiet can be easy or painful – I am going to show you the easy way here. However, it is going to take some work if you really want to lose your shyness completely. OK with you? So let’s begin.

Get More Done In Less Time By Batching Your Tasks

All right already, I admit it! This concept is not new. Nor is it one of my own creations. But I have a question for you: are you doing it? Are you leveraging your time by batching your tasks?

Ways in Which to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

Many of us go through life not grasping why we continually make the same mistakes. We follow the same patterns and live in the same ruts, unhappy and discontent with our situation but unable to come up with any lasting change. Does this sound like you?

How Public Speaking Can Enhance Your Job Performance

Taking a course on speaking in public can drastically change your life. Public speaking courses help build confidence and will make you a more effective communicator. This article covers how public speaking can enhance your job performance.

Your Sacred Gifts

We are all born with sacred gifts and special qualities that are meant to be shared. Sometimes these gifts get buried deep down in our souls. We learn that they aren’t practical or lucrative, and so we push them aside. However, they never truly go away. Our sacred gifts are meant to be shared. And if we take a look at our sacred gifts and remember what they are, then we can start bringing them back. It is our birthright to share them with the world.

How to Avoid Shyness – 3 Steps to Feel Comfortable in Every Social Situation

Being shy is no fun – I should know, I’ve been there long enough. But there’s help: If you only follow these 3 easy steps you will do much better almost immediately. And if you keep on working on it, you could lose your shyness completely…

Life, a Journey and a Passage

Life begins its journey on a bliss feeling and emotions. It continues its passage on a road to success or disaster. The human being individually must understand the journey and the passage unequivocally. Once it is established and understood the purpose of life, then journey and passage through life becomes peaceful and rewarding.

The Breaking Point – How To Fight Back When Life Beats You Up

Do you ever feel like life is beating you up? It throws punch after punch at you while you just sit there cowering and screaming “hey, what are you doing?!

7 Habits – An Overview

Steven Covey, the author of 7 Habits fanfare, is an author definitely worth listening to. You should know by now that success is subjective. It is defined individually, what constitutes as success in one person’s mind may be dismal failure in another’s. Everyone is striving for something different; every person has different goals and aspirations. READ MORE…

The Greatest Temptation to Quit Happens Right Before Success

Laser focus is the key to every aspect of the Fresh PASSION formula. Without intently focusing on each one of these areas, you’ll miss the mark and not deliver your brand. Life has a way of tempting us to lose focus and become disillusioned, so it is your responsibility to maintain your laser focus on tailor-building a foundation for personal and professional success.

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