Guided Meditation for a Deep Soul Connection

A Win Win Situation!

This article is about improving your life by changing your belief system. What is needed is for you to open up your mind and explore other belief systems. Most of us naturally have a natural belief limiting system in place that is very effective.

How Do People Do Well When Their Circumstances Are Horrible?

Sometimes people who seem to have all the advantages of life make terrible choices and end up in a situation where they do not do well. Others, who seem to have everything against them, rise to the top of a group and become role models for others despite their past. What makes the difference?

The Power of Why Not?

Nearly 43 years ago, Ted Kennedy made one of his more memorable and powerful speeches as he was eulogizing his brother, Bobby. As the nation was once again dealing with the grief of losing someone with so much vision and promise far too early, the Senator mustered up enough emotional strength to speak about his brother who was the third in the line of Kennedy brothers to die an untimely death. His closing sentence was a quote from Bobby as he was running for the Presidency.

How to Stop Whining and Begin Winning

I see so many unhappy people these days. Some have gone broke, some have more weight on them than they wish, and some are just scared about the economy. Are you one of those people? Are your friends drained from your endless tales of sorrow? Read on and discover what you can do about you being the hapless victim.

Healing From Domestic Abuse – Do You Need the Abuser’s Apology for You to Heal?

“What if the abuser never ever apologizes, does not believe in remorse and has no empathy? What then…how do we heal?” Read on to look deeper into healing from domestic abuse.

Journaling a Letter to Your Former Self

Journaling offers an effective way for us to learn from our experiences and to build self-confidence. By becoming more intimate with your past self, you can shed light on issues in your present life. How can you achieve that intimacy? Start by writing a letter!

There’s the Door – Now Walk Through

How often do you look back and regret not having done something? While contemplating how and when I would officially start my own business, I came across a message that changed my life and to paraphrase it, it basically said that when looking back most people do not regret the things they did, but instead the things they did not do.

Manners Is Basically Kindness And Thoughtfulness In Motion

Sure you have the right to be whatever you want to be – rude, thoughtless, unkind – but where has that attitude got you? A genuine smile when you meet someone could brighten their day in ways you cannot understand.

Attract Love – Allow Yourself to Receive It

We all desire to love and be loved! It is the greatest joy to feel love. And it is why we are here! It is all that is really important! We must be open to receive it!

Person Centred Counselling – The Theory Behind Improving Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is and can be fragile and counselling can help people with low self-esteem. The theory of person centred counselling can be simplified thus: When we grow up we are damaged by people who do not allow us to express our natural emotional responses. As children we are often in need of love and actively search out approval from our main carers and families.

One More Day

We all know we can’t get everything done in a day, but we can take action on some things in our lives that will help us move forward. What we decide to do and what we decide to put of one more day is an important decision.

Why Was I Born?

Ever hear yourself say  words to the effect of wondering why you are even alive?  At the end of a work week, do you feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders, if only for two days? This scenario could go on and on, but before we go any further, ask yourself this, am I ready to stop the merry-go-round and find out why I feel this way?

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