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Ten Popular Personal Development Books

What are the most popular personal development books? If you have been looking to expand your personal development library you might be at a loss for where to begin.

I Do Not Know What to Do: Tips for Effective Decision-Making

Decision-making is an important life skill that allows people to face challenges, opportunities, and uncertainties, while helping them find quality solutions without losing time or energy. It also increases dramatically the chances of success by helping people to feel more in control of their lives, and providing opportunities that move them toward accomplishing their career or personal goals.

What’s Your Value System Like? (Part 1)

Life, as we know it, is all about making choices. In this process of making decisions, whether you make the right or wrong choice, will depend, to a large extent, upon a written or un-written set of rules that govern your individual life. As a way of definition, values have to do with the worth that is attached to a thing, and if your life will have any value, or influence others, it will depend largely on your individual value system…

Reading Habits And The Company You Keep

This article makes a serious effort to assist problem readers with concentration and text comprehension. Many quietly and embarrassingly suffer the anomaly; yet a workable solution exists, not only for High School and Elementary poor achievers but for adults with less than adequate reading skills as well.

Humble Pie – Learning From Mistakes!

Well this is tough for me – I need to have a serious word with myself! I talk non stop about how we attract things into our lives, and how to stay open to receive and get rid of the rubbish, be clear about what we want! – Wow, today I eat Humble pie and it sticks in my throat!

Regret – Examining The Distraction and Letting Go For a Happier Life

If I am in the state of ‘regret’ I am in the past I am mulling over the how’s and why’s of what happened and trying to change it in my mind, with my mind. I am under a FALSE impression that if I examine the situation hard enough, if I put x amount of energy into the cause of the feeling I am having now, I will finally eradicate this feeling and bring peace to my mind and body. I would like to put forward the notion that we are feeding an addiction to a number of things when we wallow in REGRET.

Inner Power

It’s time… to take charge of your thoughts – create pure, peaceful, positive, powerful and purposeful thoughts. Whenever you get a moment, go deep inside and ‘fill up’ the soul. Learn to apply the three dots: I am a soul, God is a soul (no physical image) and put a full stop to your past drama. Then your ‘Ferrari’ will carry you to your destination safely!

How Big Is Your Life?

“I lead a small life, but a valuable one. Do I do it because I like it – or because I haven’t been brave? So much of what I see reminds me of what I read in a book – and I wonder, ‘Shouldn’t it be the other way round?'” These are the words Meg Ryan sends to her online friend in the movie, “You’ve Got Mail”. I recently watched this movie again and this time thoroughly enjoyed it.

How to Release Limiting Beliefs

A limiting belief is any belief you have that is not serving your highest good and is not aiding in your personal growth. These beliefs are usually formed during childhood, and come from your parents, relatives, teachers, and peers. They combine to form the basis of your paradigm, or how you perceive the world. By the time you become an adult, these beliefs have been ingrained in you so deeply that they are unconscious and never given a second thought, much like your belief that the sky is blue and the world is round.

How to Stop Being Jealous – Tips to Help You Move on With Your Life

Stopping jealousy is never easy. Jealousy can be a negative and destructive emotion which can keep you locked in the past. There are some things you can do to focus your energy in a positive way to help you to stop being jealous so you can get on with your life.

The Timetable of Transitions

Transitions, like grief, have their own timetable. Despite one’s best efforts to rush along the difficult feelings and anxious thoughts, each person will traverse the terrain of transitions according to their own internal needs and rhythm. While major life transitions like getting married or becoming a parent usually follow a two year course (engagement to one year anniversary or pregnancy through baby’s first birthday), this time frame can vary dramatically depending on the deeper issues that are triggered during the transition.

Lighten Up Or Heavy Up – The Choice Is Yours

There can be many reasons for heavying up but usually the person that has allowed his or her ego to take over is feeling demeaned, insulted, hurt or simply afraid. Their ego is telling them to strike out in order to take control. Rather than thinking the situation through and treating the other person as an equal they believe that they can win by being superior, difficult, sarcastic or uncaring. For a moment in time they are acting like someone else. Their behaviour is neither characteristic nor acceptable even to them. They have been taken over by their internal self-defense mechanisms and they don’t really understand the ramifications of their actions.

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