Guided 5 Minute Morning Gratitude Meditation

Things I Don’t Like Myself For Thinking

I have found that trying to be a better person than we were before helps us to love ourselves, and I do indeed love myself. I also try to love others, even if I don’t like them. I will admit though, that I occasionally think and do things I don’t like myself for.

Public Speaking: Body Language And Posture

Our body language and posture play a very important role in public speaking. It is generally said that gestures speak louder than words and so we have to pay great attention on our body language to make our public speaking more effective.

Find Your Destiny – Should Men Over 50 Bother?

It is crucial that you find your destiny in life. Once you discover your God-given destiny, then you must pursue it until you get your breakthroughs.

The Pain of Regret

Mistakes are a part of life. Wallowing in regret and guilt only keep you from learning the lesson you are meant to learn and becoming a better version of yourself. Learn how to transform regret into a positive catalyst for your own self growth.

Are You Getting in the Way of Your Own Happiness? Here Are 4 Tips For a Happy Life

All of us only want three things: to be accepted, to be loved, to feel important in our lives. The problem is that the very things we do thinking we are protecting ourselves are often the exact same things that get in our way of achieving these three things. Find out if you are standing in the way of your own ability to feel accepted, loved and important.

Why I Love Joel Madden and My Ex-Mother-In-Law!

When you operate from a position of inner essence, your true self shines through. It is one of love.

Self Confidence Test for Children

The future of a skilled and competent individual rests in the hands of a child brimming with self confidence. If like every other parent you also dream big for the apple of your eye, it’s important for you to know how your child fares our self confidence test. When an individual is given ample of opportunities to get rid of his fears and face problems bravely in the younger years, he is ready to rise to the occasion when needed.

What If You Followed the Truth of Your Heart?

Where would YOU go and who would YOU be if you followed the truth of your heart? Your choices determine your destiny.

Claiming Your Interdependent Day

It is interesting how one can use words but never realize their meaning. Having just celebrated our Independence Day, I wondered about the word independence.

Have More Courage – How to Re-Discover the Spiritual Warrior Within

Everyone wants to have more courage. Even the most courageous amongst us understand the need, and the necessity to be more impervious to the face of fear. The truth is, and I love this famous quote – courage is not the absence of fear, but the willingness to take action even in the face of it. A fireman who runs into a burning building feels the same amount of fear as you and I. He just fears doing nothing, MORE.

Is Your Image Holding You Back?

Image is everything. When you first meet someone they form a judgment about you within less than 30 seconds (and more like 3). What this means is the way you look matters more than you might think. What matters even more is how YOU feel about your image.

Forgiveness – Blame, Anger and Guilt: The Patient Path to Acceptance, Love and Freedom

We want to forgive too quickly. Forgiveness is a process in which we learn valuable lessons about blame, anger and guilt. Offense depends on our sense of self and being wronged leads to judgment and fantasies of retribution. Blame is comparative; it depends on the fantasy of blamelessness. Anger is defensive and it conceals authentic emotions. Guilt is the assumption of responsibility that precludes acceptance and love. Forgiveness comes about in its own time.

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