Growth Happens Out Of Your Comfort Zone | Your Time Is Now!! [Manifesting Miracles]

Responsibilities and Commitments of Parents and Children

What is being transpired and conspired from birth until death is of grave concern to humanity? Every moment in our daily life, we are witnessing our actions and reactions with or without realizing its gravity. Our life oscillates between the conscious and unconscious realms, trying to achieve the best results.

Freedom From Past Issues, Charges and Pain

Events from the past, especially a painful childhood, can keep us trapped in a cycle of suffering and abuse. Learn how to set yourself free from this pattern and master your life.

Women – What Defines You, What You’ve Done Right Or What You’ve Done Wrong? Become Empowered

As women, we often let ourselves be defined by what we’ve done wrong instead of what we’ve done right. When we become empowered, we define ourselves by who we’ve become, not by situations or our role in other people’s lives. What defines YOU?

The Most Powerful Mind Control Secrets and How To Use Them To Influence and To Persuade

Mind Control is something that a lot of people have heard about but there’s a lot of misinformation floating about on the internet. I have searched for year trying to find any information I can on mind control, hypnosis, persuasion and influence and let me tell you, it has been a journey of discovery.

Let’s Start a Day!

Everyday brings a new beginning. Learn from a child, adult or a teenager. Learn at every moment and remember to implement it.

Guilt Is a Useless Emotion

This article will help you to see guilt as useless and detrimental in our lives, that is is a man made ego based emotion. You will also find steps to release the guilt you carry and live free as a bird.

The Mother of All Obstacles

What is procrastination? The dictionary defines it as: ‘to postpone doing something, especially as a regular practice’. Would you like to define your life with procrastination? Is it worth putting your life on hold? On so many levels, some of us do just that.Here’s a few that I have found common with many people that I’ve worked with:

The Missing Secret In Most Goal Templates

Basically all Goal Templates I know include the basics in goal setting: You need to know where to go in order to ever reaching anything. You also need to have it in writing to further improve your chances of reaching the goals you inserted in your goal template. However, the missing part is…

Whose Faith Is Yours?

Faith is how we make sense of life and the world.  It is the way we see self and others in relationships.   Faith may not always be a religious.

Struggling With Change? It Could Be in Your Mindset

People in business and in their careers are constantly looking at ways to make their lives easier. They often get to the point whereby they need to decide whether to embrace new technology that is coming at us at a rate of knots or to continue doing the same thing and getting the same results, or even worse, perhaps expecting different results.

There Is No Someday

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. See, there is no Someday!

Opportunities For Growth: 5 Strategies for Proven Results

Life is one big invitation that in each moment invites us to change. Some of the changes are easy and some hard. Let’s face it, most people will encounter at least one big blow during their lifetime and that is if they are lucky. It’s not about the fall; it is about how you get back up and what you do with the experience, which ultimately is an invitation to learn. When you open up unconditionally to the challenges you face, you can embrace the opportunities for growth that are available to you. That is the quickest and sometimes most reluctant path to freedom. The end result is that of freedom and higher levels of joy. Come along on the journey they are waiting to embrace you.

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