Going Deeper: Rising Through The Darkness Purgatory

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Is fear a part of your life? Do you live with it nagging you everyday? For some people, fear is the main reason why they get stuck.

Waking Up to Your Dreams

Do you pay attention to your dreams? Do you remember your dreams?

A Story of Disrespect and When the Tables Turned

More people are waking up to the reality of their lives and their responsibility in making it so. Increased awareness comes when you understand how you got there. You see then that your choices are under your control and your reactions create unintended situations. Accepting the consequences is the first step.

The Power Of Being Wrong

We didn’t really decide on our aspirational inner person. The thought that some change is expected is usually very baffling for the individual “”but, but, I’ve always been like this and it has worked”. Usually the more successful a person has been, the tougher it is to accept the need to further develop.

Success: It’s All About Positioning

Like it or not, one of the keys to success, in any endeavor, involves positioning. Whether we’re selling a product, a service or ourselves, we have to gain a position in the marketplace that catches the eye of the prospective customer. Selling our products or our services will almost inevitably start by selling ourselves. So how do we go about doing that? How do we position ourselves so folks want to do business with us? Here a few practical ways to position yourself in a positive way:

Prayer, Anyone?

What does it mean to have a prayer life? Prayer does change things! Try it and see!

Recovering From The Mistakes Of The Past

It is a fact of life that everyone makes mistakes. No one is perfect, and all will have errors in judgment. The key is to do what it takes to recover from the mistakes and turn things around so that life can be good.

Essential Pointers on Personal Development

Personal development is vital for everyone because it is one of the precedents for success. However, you have to learn the real meaning of personal development before trying to accomplish this goal. This is an expansive subject matter and covers everything about your development as a human being.

Tips About Personality Development

An individual’s personality certainly has an impact on their day to day life. It affects the type of people we attract, and the way that we develop relationships in both our business and personal lives. Although some might argue that you’re born with a certain personality, there is evidence to show that it’s molded to some degree on a conscious level. I have included a few ideas about personality development to help to make a difference in your personal relationships, productivity, and overall success in life. Applying some of these tips should help you to see immediate and positive changes.

Your Thoughts Create Things

Invest the effort to order your thoughts, create a vision and a set of detailed strategic plans to guide you, take inspired action daily, visualise your future success in the now and every possibility becomes available to you. You now have the formula for unlocking your dreams, now all that is required, is your commitment and a healthy dose of daily discipline and you can have, do and be anything you want.

Common Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

What might initially might feel like signs of a nervous breakdown, is not what is seems. How to recognize the common, yet often dismissed signs of a spiritual awakening.

Fitness First and Then Personal Development

If you are committed to personal development, there are many important reasons why you should always focus on improving your physical fitness with exercise as well as improving your nutrition by following sound dietary principles. The body and the mind and the emotions all form a unity. There is ample scientific research that shows emotions and personalities are affected by the state of the body.

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