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What’s the Science Behind Losing an Argument and Why Some People Love Arguing

why we loose an argument and why some people love arguing?Its not always psychology but it is also the neuroscience that drives the psychology.We are all hardwired machines and what we think is the product of machine.The article simply brings into focus the autonomous functioning of the mind into limelight so necessary changes can be attempted.

Hindsight Hinderance

How many times in a day or week do you find yourself thinking in hindsight? Is wishful thinking a constant companion? What does your pro/con list look like?

Use Your Unique Gifts to Find Purpose

Imagine what would happen to the world if parents made it their mission to help their children identify their unique gifts and then find a way to utilize them to attain their purpose in life. No matter what your age, it is never too late to uncover your innate talents and then adjust your life accordingly. So, how does one identify a unique talent?

Setting Goals And Objectives For Living A Life Of Pupose

Finding your passion and purpose in life can be difficult when we are too obsessed with just getting by in life, where we’re not seeking out a life of purpose that’s all about enjoying life. If you’re asking yourself, what is the purpose of my life, try taking that as a clue for considering setting goals and objectives for a life of purpose. Perhaps consider some examples of performance goals when you are finding it hard to focus on finding your passion and purpose in life. Not living a life of purpose only leads to deeper separation of mind and true Self.

Achieving Self-Development Goals By Personal Development Examples

Many people live only to exist, but to exist happy and successful comes life purpose with creating a personal development plan. I mean that people are inescapable from one thing everyone yearns for. It is usually the only thing that is left missing in a great deal of individual’s lives. That’s why a lot of people now days stop truly living their lives with bliss, and the main reason is they put off creating a personal development plan. You might believe that finding passion and purpose in life is difficult. It’s not that easy to discover life purpose for many, but it is possible and creating a personal development plan sets you in a direction of positive outlook.

What Is The Point Of Life? A Life Of Purpose Gives You The Answer

Are you like many people who have trouble discovering your purpose in life? Perhaps you often ask yourself things like: what is the point of life, or what’s my purpose in life? Try to see that everyone has a life purpose, or as the Course in Miracles states, your “true free will,” because it is God’s Will that it be so. Yes, your Creator wants you to be at peace and filled with joy while in this world. Your life’s purpose is a unique something that each of us is supposed to do in LIFE. In today’s world you have the internet to help you begin discovering your purpose in life, find ways to live a life of purpose, simple, quick, utilizing many ideas.

Is Occupational Burnout Leaving You From Managing Stress Effectively?

In our society, something called career burnout is a typical phenomenon. Most of us wrongfully presume that career burnout results from working excessive, too long, or too hard. But this is true about being successful in life, you don’t have to experience burnout stress. Occupational burnout, or if you prefer, professional burnout, comes not from an absence of time, but from an absence of function. Before you read further consider what the Course in Miracles asks us to contemplate: “There is no need to learn through pain. And gentle lessons are acquired joyously, and are remembered gladly.” Doesn’t that statement taken from the heart make you look at life more comfortably?

How To Begin Discovering Your Purpose In Life And Living Passsionately

As a human you are no different in hearing similar inner voices when trying to figure out how to find your purpose and passion. Too often we listen to the wrong voice where we don’t realize where our true purpose and passion sits and waits for us to uncover it. We like to make the search far too difficult and take things much too complicated. How to find your purpose and passion is in your willingness and readiness to live your free will. It is delivered to you within an instant, and comes from God’s Will.

7 Practical Ways to Build a Personal Brand

Beauty is what beauty does. Your personal brand is who you are inside and outside. The clothes and jewelry that you wear may leave you a good impression but if you are not whole inside, your personal brand will not last- just like a product you bought today which is, as good only as long as it last. It is who you are underneath and what you do that defines you.

Intersections of Life

My evolving awareness is that life is a creation of Consciousness, and we *are* that Consciousness. It’s not accurate to say it’s an illusion but it’s a manifestation of our focus as Consciousness. I use the term ‘hologram’ for this world, which isn’t entirely accurate but then language cannot begin to describe the process of going from our infinite vastness into the density of form.

To Spend Or Not To Spend

If you say no to spending money now, be happy with that choice. Saying no now doesn’t mean that you won’t ever move forward with the desire. It means you will do it when the choice feels perfect for you.

Why Can’t You Take a Joke on Yourself?

Does anxiety kill you before an important exam? Do you fear speaking in public? Ain’t you trying a new dress just because you think people will laugh at you? Do you feel embarrassed when someone troll you? If yes, then let’s explore how you can face these situations and why you should learn to deal with your fear of failing to be successful in life!

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