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Not Me

When we continue to accept behaviors and situations that are not aligned with the path we have chosen for our life, we need to ask why. The mere fact that we do not question it is consenting to allowing other people to control our behavior unconsciously.

Our Freedom of Choice

Deepen your understanding of how a more mature and meaningful understanding and use of your self-control can bring about wonderful results, outcomes and experiences… regardless of the interaction!

Mind Tyranny: What Is Truth?

The time has arrived to remove the cobwebs from your thinking processes and to learn how to seek, find and live in truth. You are never too old to learn how to think more clearly.

You Control Your Destiny

Destiny is not fixed, it is as fluid as the weather, changing at any moment, and you are the master of your destiny, you just don’t know it. In fact, you do not want to know that you are the master, because…

How Are You Influenced and Motivated?

Everything we do in life is driven by a motivational force or influence of some kind. These can primarily be split into 2 main categories: 1. Negative motivators 2. Positive motivators

How to Combine Two Powerful Mind Tools For Rapid Manifestation

This article explains how you can use two wonderful mind-power tools together to rapidly manifest the greatest desires of your heart. Use this short, simple process to reach your goals in all areas of your life quickly!

Boundaries: Necessary And Crucial

Boundaries help you to establish with people that access does not mean they have liberties in your life. In this age of social media people can tend to think because they are connected to you on social media that they have up close access in your life which can create deception if you don’t put the boundaries in place.

Self-Control: Who’s in Charge Here?

Want to be powerful in your relationships? Learn emotional self-control. Learning to take charge of your emotions means you can’t be “set off” by someone else. You control your reactions, they don’t control you. When you’re too reactive to your partner, he or she can easily draw you into a fight that stops you both from focusing on fixing the problem.

Resolving Inner Anarchy

Recent events have me thinking about political anarchy-riots, bombings, civil wars, threats, and other bad and dangerous behavior around the world. Politically, anarchy means obeying no laws. It’s frightening to watch a mob take over.

When Will I Learn From My Mistakes

“I never learn from my mistakes.” A sad truth that this article will explain why we continually make the same mistakes again and again. We actually do learn from our mistakes, but we learn bad habits. In every event, we are accumulating knowledge of a process; action, reaction and a result. This is exactly the same thing that…

Why Am I So Broken – Why We Do Not Change Who We Are

This is a common question, and one that perplexes people throughout time. Sigmund Freud created the industry of psychotherapy to try and solve this riddle, but as we know, it is not working for everyone, or for many people at all in the process of making a profound change.

Accepting Criticism, Eliminating Your Weakest Link

Being able to accept criticism is an excellent way to improve yourself. Normally, we will not notice our shortcomings. We have become so accustomed to some character traits which are not the best of features, that we do not realize what we do. Due to this, it takes someone else to point out our flaws in order for us to know they exist. Criticism is the best gift for self-improvement, to be the 10 worthy of a 10+.

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