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What’s So H.A.R.D. About Change?

Change IS hard. It’s hard because, as humans, our brains are wired a certain way. When we understand how the mind works, we can use this knowledge to make change a little easier and stop battling with ourselves. We can use our minds to work WITH us instead of AGAINST us. We can learn to become the master of our thoughts and emotions instead of being at their mercy.

Patience Can Be Learned With Patience – Seven Easy Things to Learn How to Be Patient

Patience can save your life in a major disaster. The best decisions of your life are made with patience. Being patient is a decision and something that you can learn. You have a choice in how you react to every situation. You can choose to be patient, or choose not to be: it’s all up to you.

How to Have a Good Day Every Day

Every day is a good day. Every day is what you make of it; even though some people categorize some days as bad and others as good, you can have a good day every day.

Inferiority Complex – How to Shift Your Thinking to Overcome the ‘I’m Not Good Enough’ Feeling

Feelings of I’m not good enough’ can really put you into a state of depression when you attempt to move forward toward any goal. Your thoughts create your experiences and like thoughts attract similar thoughts that influence your emotions. As you allow this negative vibration to continue to linger in your mind and body, it can sabotage your progress leaving you to accept a false identity of who you are and what you’re capable of achieving in your life. So let’s look at the following steps to shift your thinking to overcome the ‘I’m not good enough’ feeling – see inside this article.

Appreciation Takes Time

I didn’t really understand appreciation as a young man because it takes time to realize the magnitude of people’s efforts and the emotion they feel. That’s why our children can’t really appreciate what we’ve done for them until they become parents themselves.

Building a Personal Development Program

Whether unemployed and undereducated or smart and professional, personal development programs are beneficial in order to learn life skills. Growing as an individual through training programs help you become a better member your community and help you make better life decisions such as career paths and individual pursuits. Gaining self-confidence is important for individual growth.

Understanding Personality

What is personality? Personality, in its simplest definition, refers to the overall characterization of an individual-including both positive and negative, made evident by different circumstances in a person’s life. Personality encapsulates the different traits that people perceive in an individual.

How Gratitude Can Actually Keep You Small – Watch Out!

“Gratitude blocks change.” What? How? When one feels gratitude, doesn’t this makes us want to do more? Not always. It is actually holding you back and keeping you in your comfort zone. In other words, not moving forward keeps you safe, which also translates to gratitude keeping you small. Think about it as you read this article.

The Easiest Way to Change Your Behaviour

In the big scary world of behavioural psychology, there are numerous models of change. Today, I thought I’d share mine. The various stages don’t always happen in the order you see them outlined here but nonetheless, they all seem to happen eventually.

Is Your “Comfort Zone” Really That Comfortable?

Why is it that when we’re told to do something that will be beneficial to us, and accept it to be true, that oftentimes we choose to avoid it? Are you fearful that things might not turn out the way they should? Personal growth is all about overcoming our limitations and moving forward.

5 Keys to Maintain Your Work/Life Balance

Everyone wants to experience work/life balance. But between longer work weeks and increased demands at home, it often feels near-impossible to give ample time to all aspects of life. And when you feel out of balance, stress is the inevitable response.

Focus Time, Talent (Energy + Efforts) And Treasure (Funds) In The Right Places

What will be your legacy, what structure are you putting in place to outlast you? These are the kind of questions that one may be asking once in a while to keep things in perspective. To make sure that you are making the most of the life and opportunities that you have been bestowed. To make sure you can have reasonable and responsible answers to such magnificent questions as the ones asked, there is an extreme need to make sure that one focuses time, talent which is energy, and efforts as well as all the treasures like funds and resources in the right places. How can you do this?

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