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Controlling Behaviour: What Causes It?

Controlling behaviour is surely one of the more common ‘negative’ behaviours in the world today. And if one was to reflect upon human history they would find that this kind of behaviour is neither new nor different to the behaviour of the past.

Knowing the Past, the Present and the Future

Knowing the present requires an intuitive sense of knowing and the attribute of Presence. Being my Presence is the essence of knowing the present moment. Being my Essence allows me to know each moment and be present. When I feel my own presence, I receive the gift of Life. This is the present that presents itself in each present moment of my reality.

20 Ways to Be a More Victorious Christian

Improve your life in just a few minutes a day! The Word of God is the most powerful force on earth. Speak His Word over yourself and your loved ones daily, and you will see the power of His Word affect positive changes in your life and theirs!

10 Things to Know About Feelings

As human beings, most of our life is directed by, driven by or affected by our feelings. It is through our feelings and their effect on our moods that we determine what we will do, what decisions we will make and even how we will treat others. Humans are powerful. Many people think that they’re ruled by or slaves to their feelings without realizing that they can choose those feelings or deal with them rather than letting them run the show. If you’re going through a divorce you’re getting blasted by how you feel.

Finding Peace: The Honesty Continuum of Obedience and Integrity

Peace of mind is a form of success, but success does not guarantee peace of mind. Honesty is the deciding factor. Personal honesty is identified on a continuum from varying levels of obedience to the highest level: integrity. The quest for peace begins here.

Commit to Virtue

Not only has the word virtue become archaic in contemporary communication, but many virtuous characteristics espoused in former times have also fallen out of favor among popular practice. Amid the clamor and turbulence of schedules and deadlines, of economic worries and stress, and of environmental and equality issues, a commitment to virtue is the path the pursue to find lasting peace. The 8 Virtues program provides a plan to commit to virtuous living.

The Peace Progression: How to Move From Random Episodes of Peace to Continuous Contentment

Peace is not an absolute point of arrival, not a discrete state of absence or possession, but a sliding scale of variable states of tranquility. The peace progression can be identified as three distinct levels of attainment including random peace, deliberate peace, and continuous peace. As peace becomes our purpose we can more easily stand as a positive example of living the virtues that lead directly to a peaceful life.

Sowing Seeds of Virtue Through Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is a concept and process that allows us to move on an upward spiral of growth and renewal. Through a conscious effort at personal improvement, the seeds of virtue including Humility, Courage, Cleanliness, Obedience, Industry, Integrity, Wisdom and Gratitude, can flourish in the garden of our mind, yielding a plentiful harvest of personal peace.

The Ferrari in Me: Cleanliness Is Critical!

Like the sophisticated mechanical systems of the Ferrari that require respect, cleanliness, and maintenance to optimize performance, our environment, our bodies, and our minds likewise need attention in order to function to their highest potential. In all aspects of cleanliness including environment, body, and mind, beauty and enlightenment are the outcomes of purity. Cleanliness is critical!

There Are No Coincidences in Life

I believe that there are no coincidences in life. Whatever happens to you, it’s Mother Nature’s way of guiding you towards your goal. Everyone appreciates positive coincidences, but no-one tries to look beyond the phenomena we call accidents. Like the song in the “Crazy Heart” movie, “Everything happens for a reason, even if it’s bad, especially when it’s bad”. So it’s just a matter of the way you look at things. Whatever happens you must believe that it’s for your own good and some divine power is guiding you and helping you learn.

Your Story – Is It Stopping You From Reaching Your Full Potential in Life?

Do you know that you have a story that you tell about yourself? Are you aware your story may be holding you back from reaching your full potential?

To Stop a Bully Chill Out and Stay Calm

It is essential for children to feel in control of their thoughts and feelings so that thinking is clear. If children tend to react rather than act in a positive way, they need to slow things down and slow themselves down, including their brainwave activity.

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