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3 Steps to Loving Your Inner Child

Did you know there is a child within you who has a free and fun loving spirit? As adults, the essence of this free child is in every one of us. The sad truth is, that somewhere along the way, most of us have been wounded and today, we don’t always live from this place of creativity, love and freedom.

The Alchemical Journey Towards the Self

Alchemy pertains to the process of transmuting base metals to silver or gold. The search for the ‘gold’ in each person was a fundamental focus of late psychoanalyst Carl Jung’s work. Jung saw in the writings and symbols of alchemy a parallel to his psychological theories. For Jung, alchemy represents the circular process of individuation, in which internal opposing conflicts, and the conscious and unconscious is assimilated and integrated. The internal process of individuation, aka the journey towards wholeness, is reflected in alchemy.

Everybody Has Social Anxiety Sometimes

It surprises me sometimes how shyness, awkwardness, and even creepiness shows up in my interactions with people at various times and in unexpected contexts. Maybe it shouldn’t be surprising since we’re all human beings after all.

Take Control of Your Life – Choose a Stress-Free Diet

Stress has been with us is the beginning of time. But today’s life challenges are far more complex than they used to be. Living in an age of immense and increasingly rapid change, we are subjected to greater, more insistent, inescapable pressures to adapt, keep up, and compete than at any other time. An act that you can take right now which will have great benefit to you is to choose a stress free diet. While fasting and purification regimes allow your body’s internal organs to rest and recuperate, a consistent healthy diet is what’s necessary for the long-term. Among the most important food to consume are fresh fruit, vegetables, and fiber. If you eat meat, make sure it’s lean and remove the fat before cooking.

Recognize and Use Your Strengths – Eight Ways to Future Success

People who are winning in the workplace know not only what they’re good at and what they’re not so good at, but also what’s easy for them to do and what’s difficult. They know what tasks or challenges are intriguing, fun, or exciting to them and which ones they find, tedious, boring or frustrating. Self-knowledge allows them to hone their strengths and discover their unique talents, abilities, and personal success keys. Self-knowledge enables them to become the “real” top performers in their workplaces and keeps them winning.

Beta Male Characteristics

If you are reading this article then I assume you think you have in some way, characteristics that could be interpreted as something that a beta male would do. Here we are going to go over some things that you may or may not find are things that you do. I don’t want to waste your time so let’s get started.

Why the Beta Male Procrastinates

This is a trait you might not immediately associate with the beta male but it is definitely a trait. There is nothing attractive to women about a guy who is always one step away from doing things, about to pay those bills, about to go to the gym, about to get a job. The alpha male is in control of his life and knows that procrastination is no way to get things done.

From Beta Male To Alpha Male In One Step

In your quest to become an alpha male there will be a lot to take on but possibly none as important as this. This is the one secret that will take you from being the beta male that you hate to becoming the alpha male that you love. This is the one thing that sets apart men from boys, the thing that separates the successful from the unsuccessful, and most importantly the men women love, from the men women can’t stand.

Overcoming Excuses in Personal Leadership Development

There is little justification in excuses and no matter how dressed up they are, they still sound a bit lame and cheesy. Each time we make excuses, we chip away a bit more of our self respect, self worth, credibility and integrity and we are unconsciously demoted in the eyes of another.

Improving Relational Skills by Understanding Personality Traits

Recognizing personality traits can be tough, even if it is a very popular area of study. The obvious does not seem to be that obvious at all. More examples of personalities may help us in recognizing personality traits.

Ways You Can Tweak Your Personality

Usually when you want to tweak your personality it’s because you’re looking for more positive and empowering ways of thinking and feeling. Here are a few ways you can tweak your personality so that you work better with others and most importantly bring out the best of any situation.

Being True To Your Real Self

Awakening to your true self is like opening up to the truth. It is finding what you are meant for, where you should go, and what to do with your life. It is knowing from within all that matters and what is real. It is your truth that is most evident and that is pouring forth in your day to day life, not in just big decisions, but in all moments of your existence.

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