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How to Create a Personal Development Plan: Top 10 Tips

Self-development is probably one of the best gifts you can give yourself. For starters, it not only recognizes that there is always something we can improve upon, but it also creates realistic, targeted goals that can help you improve on anything from health and wellbeing, to organization and time management. As a personal coach, I encourage all my clients to think very carefully as to what they want.

Having Difficulty Relaxing? Here’s Your Easiest Route to Serenity

In course of time, ignoring your stress can build-up into physical illnesses. But most people can’t relax on their own. Here’s how you can incorporate relaxation and develop and calm disposition.

Grieving After Your Abusive Relationship – “Why Do I Still Love the Abuser I Left?”

I often hear patients and readers ask, “What do I do about the fact that I still love the abuser that I left?” Read on to understand loving your ex-boyfriend and grieving the loss of your abusive relationship.

Have You Struggled for Something In Life?

Struggling in life can be difficult at times but may have a hidden jem that can bring success and enlightenment. Knowing when to struggle and when to look at the solutions in front of you are part of the challenge we face on a daily basis. Find your inner thoughts on what it means to struggle and decide to let go of the past hurts and disappointments of your life that have maimed you in any way.

Does Your Past Predict Your Future?

For most, that might be a scary thought. For me it is. So does the past predict the future? Lately I have been thinking about this subject.

Education and the Entrepreneur

Education is a recurring theme in discussions of public policy, economic growth, and personal development. Unfortunately, there seems to be a pervasive belief that schooling and education are one and the same.

Tips On How To Overcome Self Doubt

Increasing your self esteem is very important when it comes to leading a happier life. Many people suffer from self doubt and here are some simple tips that you can use to overcome self doubt.

Change, Accept or Walk Away?

This is a great methodology to take whenever you find yourself unsure what to do about a difficult position we may find ourselves in. One of the beneficial things about this process is that it can force us to take responsibility and get out of blame mode.

Fuel Yourslef, Fuel Your Business

We now work from home. We have the time needed to put into our businesses, with more left over for other things. But do we have enough energy to be able to do all of this effectively?

Resolving Internal Conflict – Good For Your Health

Conflicting voices in our own minds creates unnecessary stress on our body, negatively affecting our health and happiness. When we can work with our internal conflicts, we create more internal harmony and potentially lead healthier lives.

Failure Creates Success! Part I

Fear of making a decision – because I might make the wrong one. Fear of failure – how will I look? Fear of taking the chance – I could mess up. Fear of risk – I could get fired.

Living With Regret – How to Transform This Negative Emotion

How to handle negative emotions is one of the most controversial topics in the self-help movement-particularly such emotions as “regret.” Regret is an emotion that might very well control us more than any other. Since it is also an emotion that we often try to ignore or repress, it tends to do its damage beneath the surface of our conscious mind.

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