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How To FORGIVE Others

Do you know someone that is holding a grudge? Are you the one that is feeling let down? It is hard to move to from one point to another when you are bitter. This article is help us all find ways to forgive. A breakthrough is on the way. Before we lose valuable friendship let’s fact check, open our mouths, respect each other, give time, initiate conversation, visit if possible and engage our relationships.

I Made My Bed and Changed My Life

For many, making changes in everyday life can be difficult, I know it was for me! Let me share an experience that affected my life in positive ways on every level. Frustrations pushed me to create a test of sorts, yet from this one test situation, I saw how even small, simple changes, like throwing stones in a pond, can create powerful, far reaching ripples of change I had otherwise felt helpless to make! It was so much easier than I ever imagined and allowed me to feel empowered in tremendous new ways that gave me time and sanity.

Is Everything Important?

When we haven’t clearly identified what’s most important, everything seems important. This is why, in my view, people are so frustrated with their lack of success in managing their performance and productivity. Instead of taking the time to identify the real priorities of life in general, or the priorities of day in particular, everything takes on the same level of importance. When everything’s important – nothing’s important.

The Power Of Consistency

If you do something a little bit at a time and do it consistently, you’ll become the master of it. It’s hard to maintain the same enthusiasm every day, especially when things are not turning out as planned. If you really want to get ahead, you must endeavor to be consistent no matter what.

Listening and Hearing Are Related And Different

During life experiences, any given individual who does not have a hearing impairment will hear all kinds of sounds, words, discussions, music, etc. How much is heard versus how much is listened to can be a key element or concept. Good examples of this can be given from parents, teachers, employers, and so on. What amount of the content spoken actually was given any fair consideration or acknowledgement by a listening ear?

You Must Learn To Be Resilient!

This time of year is not always happy and jolly for everyone. My Mom passed away last week and one thing that keeps me going is the fact I have learned to be resilient. You, too, must learn this skill to succeed in business these days. It’s not always easy – so, it’s not necessarily how hard you fall – but how well you bounce – and how well you bounce BACK! Tough stuff happens and you must equip yourself with the mental skills to cope and move on.

Emotional Release: Can It Happen To You Through Guided Imagery or Guided Meditation?

We all carry stored emotion. Fear, anger, and sadness are the main three, but in addition we accumulate a host of more nuanced feelings that stem from that trifecta in various combination. The human system has the amazing ability to respond to disturbing events by inwardly holding on to feelings until such time as it’s safe to release them. Guided imagery or guided meditation can be one way to access stored emotions and free them to help lighten our load.

Three Ways to Deepen Your Gratitude Practice

The art and science of happiness has begun to get a lot of attention in the media lately. At the same time, practice of gratitude is now recognized as an important path to happiness. Research has begun to show us what we all intuitively understand, which is that the practice of gratitude improves our moods, our relationships, makes us more optimistic, and even helps us take better care of our health.

Maximize Your Guided Imagery And Meditation Experience With Writing

If you are doing meditation, or using guided imagery or guided meditation programs, and then drifting off to sleep or getting up and going on about your business, you’re wasting a big opportunity. Writing after your inner work is the way to maximize your experience, as long as you do it in certain ways.

Right or Wrong, It Is Still Your Choice

There comes a point in life for many people where they must decide who they are going to become or not become. Others may not give the thought the time of day. Either way this topic is looked upon, and generally speaking, it all comes down to a choice. If given much consideration, the plight surrounding individuals is largely due to the decisions made in a previous time that have culminated into the current status of their life.

Are There Principles Which Govern the Universe?

Life can seem to be a series of haphazard events, but is this true? Is it possible that the Universe operates due to precise laws and principles. Indeed if you look at life you could say that many things are happening by chance, but if you consider that there are laws in operation that is creating order within areas of life. So if our existence is being directed by law or principles would it be useful to have an understanding of those laws and principles? Also by knowing the Laws an principles that guide the universe, could this allow you to life a much better life?

Finding Your Passion – And Leave Self-Doubt Behind

We get some of our best life lessons from our furry friends, don’t we? Imagine what it would be like to have no more self-doubt… to radiate confidence instead of hiding, or feeling apologetic, or biting at other people.

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