FULL EXPLANATION of How LAW Of VIBRATION Actually Works!! [Manifestation Secrets]

Taking Pride in Your Work

Are the answers to your questions based on inspiration or fear? According to the Law of Attraction, answers based on positive thoughts become positive outcomes.When facing challenges, be aware of your thought patterns before you take action. Pay close attention to your idea, take some time, and respond rather than react. Start by keeping a small notebook or tape recorder close at hand to record your new ideas. I can assure you that you will be pleasantly surprised with an abundance of new ideas.

8 Ways To Develop An Attractive Character

There is no doubt that having an attractive character can have great influence in the success of your business. Most of us are not born with a magnetic personality that instantly draws prospects to us. The good thing is that these traits can be learned…

Your Imperative Integrity and the Meaning of Life and Happiness

Have you heard the expression “in the now”? I will go you one better and say you are the Now.

The Human Puzzle 2: Places for The Heart

We all seem to have places that contribute positively to our psychological well-being. We could refer to them as our places for the heart. What are your places for the heart?

The Human Puzzle: 1 – Are You A Floor Person?

Each of us seems to derive unconscious spatial psychological satisfaction from specific parts of buildings or rooms. Of course, we need the whole room to live in, but the theory has been ripening in me for a while now that each of us responds emotionally to specific parts of our living or working space. What can this mean for us?

Unleash the Highest Potential of Money

This article focuses on how to unleash the highest potential of your money. Read this article to know the tips on how to be successful in handling money.

Tips for Generating Enthusiasm in the Workplace

Enthusiasm can be contagious, but so is negative thinking. If you find yourself surrounded by negative people you must take control and build your own enthusiasm. Here are 4 simple things you can do to generate instant enthusiasm.

Should You Really Believe the Saying “No Pain, No Gain”?

For you busy people, I know life is a non-stop cycle of caring, worrying, and loving your family and friends. I realize that there are so many things that have to be taken care of and it is inevitable that a busy mind such as yours is filled with worry, doubt, joy, anxiety, pride, and a mish-mash of so many other emotions and thoughts. With all of these things going on, it is hard to imagine that a very busy person could have the ability to attain inner peace, what with all the stress that you have to go through…

Obtaining Your Goals

Obtaining your GOALS today to get results with plans to reach it. Do you want to be successful in achieving your goals? Take action, measure and adjust.

Self Evolution – Learn How to Change Your Life by Changing Your Daily Habits

What do you think about your life? Do you believe that, because of other people or unfavorable circumstances, you’re not living the life you’d like to? If you believe that a dream is just a dream and it never will come true, you are wrong. You’re just letting your life pass you by without even trying to give it a meaning. Finally, why are you living for?

Master Jou’s Three Maxims of Success for Tai Chi and Life

Master Jou – the famous past owner of Tai Chi Farm and author of “The Dao of Taijiquan,” believed the route to a treasured life was the result of a dedicated physical practice of tai chi perfectly melded with an indefatigable mental attitude based on three maxims of success. Watch how your health improves, your body strengthens & rejuvenates, and your abundance increases when you make these Taoist concepts part of your life.

Beliefs and Facts

We must base our lives on facts and philosophies that work. We must rid our lives of anything that is wrong and does not work. Believing in the false compounds problems in our lives. Living according to truth and fact moves us toward goodness and success.

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