Full Body 7 Chakra Healing Guided Meditation

Are You Lonely Or Just Alone?

Being alone doesn’t necessarily mean loneliness. Many people enjoy the calmness and clarity of being alone for relatively long periods of time; rather than being involved in the often chaotic dramas of other people’s lives. As Sartre said, “Hell is other people.”

Forgive And Forget

There’s a commonly used saying ‘Forgive and Forget’ and yet forgiveness isn’t necessarily linked to forgetting, and we can forgive whilst still holding on to the memory, and impact, of that which has been forgiven. We can choose who and what we will, or not, forgive. Certain behaviours and events may have had only a minimal impact upon us and our life; whereas others will make our life seem very hard to endure.

Are You Attached?

To whom or what are you emotionally attached? How deeply? Do your attachments enrich your life?

Women Obtaining Wealth: Evaluating Your Life In Three Major Areas – Are You Heading For Greatness?

If you are like millions of others slacking or totally discarding your New Year’s resolutions here is an alternative way of looking at your life, goals and aspirations. Just like employers, evaluating their employees this same concept can be done by individuals evaluating their own lives.

How Often Do You Say Yes When You Mean No?

We say yes when we really want to say no because we fear that others will criticise us for being selfish, uncaring or unhelpful. We say yes to hold onto the illusion that we can be there for everyone, the dependable fall-back in every crisis, the perfect employee, perfect friend and perfect partner. We say yes to others when we don’t give our personal needs and dreams the respect and priority they deserve, and end up sacrificing our self-respect to gain the approval.

The Inner Child: Why Is It Important To Heal The Inner Child?

The term ‘inner child’ is not something that can be easily understood. It is somewhat hard to relate to and even harder to be taken seriously. So then; what is the inner child? I see the inner child as a combination of childhood memories and these appear to primarily exist just above the stomach. And like any childhood, these will be a combination of happy and unhappy memories.

Using Subliminal Messages to Improve Confidence

There is a lot of mystery and false information when it comes to subliminal messages. People who say it’s going to cure you overnight, helping you achieve your goals in the blink of an eye are liars. They are just trying to sell to you and really don’t know that to use subliminal messages effectively it takes time and patience.

Start Planning to Be Who You Say You Want to Be

Without a plan, essentially you have no map of where you are going and that makes the journey more of a challenge than it needs to be. We have all heard the Proverb quote: “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Your successes aren’t easy to come by when you have no plan.

The Beauty of Decisions

One thing I have experienced and trust is that once you do make the decision, doors will magically open – maybe even fly open.  So make the decision to get what you want, and trust that you’ll get it and a whole lot more!

Have the Determination to Finally Do It!

What if you set about reaching those goals with easy-to-accomplish inspired actions? Might your results at the end of this year be more favorable? It all starts with the determination to achieve your goals this year so next year you aren’t saying the same ol’ thing.

Why You Need Growth In Life

This is because if you cannot be happy at all throughout your life what else is there? All your happiness lies in your hands, and it will never be too late bring you in track, to change and/or bring the joy into your life, life that you ever want to live. That is why you need to train and educate yourself as a human being to fully know how you can change everything.

Sweep Away the Obstacles!

You have determination, made your decisions and laid out a plan for your success — and you can’t wait until you see and experience those results! But wait; there is something else to think about. Obstacles!

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