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A Way to Look at Life

One second represents an entire lifetime in the grand scheme of things. Like a flash, it all occurs as if a blink occurred. I am just one in a billion anyway.

Three Steps to Irresistible Magnetic Attraction

Charisma is incredibly attractive in those that have it. Did you know you can easily create it yourself?

How to Make the Right Decision – The Spiritual Way

We make decisions every day. Most times, these decisions do not lead to a significant change in outcome. For example, we decide whether to have sandwich or pizza for dinner, or we decide whether to watch a movie or go to the park this weekend. However, some decisions can lead to big changes in our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Changing career is one such example of a significant decision.

Pondering How You Want Your Life to Be

It helps to be sure about how you view life, and how you view the world, not only to help better understand yourself, but to help the people who are possibly close to you better understand you too and perhaps put their time and resources to good use too. A good example is someone who still lives with his parents and is trying to figure out what to do with this life.

What Is Possible? You Hold The Answer

You have all the opportunities and talent bestowed upon you in this life, and the way you make your choices brings them about and demonstrates your greatness in action. You are your own best source of what is possible. All inventors beginning with the wheel proved this phenomenon. You can too.

How Lucid Dreaming Helps in Personal Growth

Many people have the ability to recall their dreams, either vaguely or clearly – the moment they wake up from their sleep. However, as the conscious mind kicks in and they go about their daily routine, the dream recall eventually fades away completely. In lucid dreaming, the person is aware that he/she is dreaming; meaning that the state of consciousness is clearer than the dream itself.

Penny For Your Thoughts – Dollar For Your Mind’s Unwavering Gut Honest Truth

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Lies, Lies and More Elaborate Lies- The majority of human beings believe they tell the truth, most of the time. Few will admit they lie, most of the time. And none will disclose just how often, when and how they twist the truth ‘a little’ to suit their needs.

Mind Power Subconscious Programming – How It Works

The subconscious mind can be the cause of pretty much any issue or problem in your life from money problems to relationship issues to health problems. To give an idea of just how powerful (and illogical) the subconscious is, I knew a man who was terrified of bananas…

Thoughts Produce Results

Knowingly or unknowingly you have total power and control to produce all thoughts. All your thoughts produce results. This creative process works twenty-four hours a day. Furthermore, this process is continuous until the idea is completed – comes to fruition. This article address the important dynamic between thoughts and results.

Tough Guys Keep a Journal, Too!

It may not be a nicely bound, gold-leafed notebook with a ribbon for the tie – or anything that might even remotely look like a journal – but even the toughest guys write their thoughts down. It was after a hard-fought battle on the court that I noticed it. “What are all those post-its notes on the bottom of you gym bag?”

Affirm and Add

It turns out that improv comedy is full of useful metaphors for life. There are three rules in improv comedy. The first rule is to Affirm and Add. Accept and Expand from there. Resistance is futile and always takes you back a step. Real change comes from the place of acceptance.

Faith It ‘Til You Make It

When you set an intention for something, what you’re really stating is who you will be when your intention transpires. In other words, it’s never about just having the new career or thriving within that relationship or experiencing the wealth or health you intend. It’s about who you get to be with those things.

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