Five Minute Morning Meditation to Feel the Energy Within You

Is There Grace in Your Race?

My husband and I recently went to Vegas for our 25th anniversary. Talk about sensory overload! I’m still decompressing! The lights, the glitter, the shows, and the hookers.

What Is Common Knowledge?

Lately I have been thinking about what constitutes common knowledge among people. What I mean by common knowledge is the minimum amount of knowledge every (well) educated person should possess or at least pursue. But the longer I think about it the less I am convinced such thing even exists.

The Cinderella Condition

You know it almost makes me sad when I see my beautiful, smart and talented five year old daughter watching the ever so famous Disney movies. You know, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and then immediately after words running off to play her imaginary games where her prince to comes to rescue her and falls in love with her.

Procrastination: Is It Pure Laziness or Are We Predisposed to Putting Things Off?

I for one am guilty of procrastination and used to think of myself as lazy. However one evening as I lay on the sofa and I recounted my very busy day in my head – I needed that justification for having not started my very important writing project.

The Lie of Silence

If you are living a life of conformity, if you are silent about your beliefs, your dreams, your thoughts, you are living a lie. If you cannot be yourself in your day to day life, you are living a lie.

How a Positive Attitude Will Lead You to Living the Life You Want

Are you feeling down and out with no way of achieving the successful that you want? Well, positive thinking can help you to be successful in life. You can be what you want and you can have anything you want in life. Nothing can stop you once you have mastered positive thinking.

Oneness With The Living Earth Leads To Abundance And Freedom From Fear

Nearly all conflicts and struggles in man’s historical past were based on beliefs that arose from misguided sensory perception. Even today, wars are being fought over ‘territorial rights’ and ‘national boundaries’ that only exist in the minds of the people. These rights and boundaries are merely a delusion, for planet Earth is whole and it is not possible to divide it into segments.

Lady Gaga’s Inner Suffering

It’s hard growing up different. To know as a child you don’t fit in with your friends and family. To know there’s something off about you, not quite right. It is a difficult path to walk. Trying to be true to an inner voice that no one else can hear and that you don’t fully understand. Lady Gaga, like many of us, carries this pain of being different; of being something that we don’t understand and the rest of the world can’t quite accept.

A Tribute: Live Your Dreams, Not Someone Else’s

Ryan Dunn, of Jackass, Ming-hags, and Viva La Bam fame, was killed early Monday morning in an auto-accident. I had been friends with Ryan since 2003 and he was an extraordinary person. This article is dedicated to his memory, and I would like to share with you five things Ryan Dunn taught me during our friendship.

How To Speak To Just About Anyone

Many people are anxious about speaking in social situations to strangers. It might be a party, or an office do or perhaps at the school PTA. This is a common problem and this article sets out five easy to follow rules designed to make it easier and less stressful to be more comfortable conversing with strangers.

I Feel Trapped

Do you feel trapped by numerous situations in your life and find yourself going into resistance? Discover a way out of procrastination and resistance.

Simple Steps You Can Take to Get More Out of Your Life

You might feel as though there is something lacking in your life. If you learn to focus more on yourself rather than on everyone else this might well turn out to be your missing key!

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