Finding your purpose 🥰

The Art of Thinking Clearly

No amount of training will ever compensate for crystal clear thinking. This is not an ability that we are born with we have to study the concept and work at it. The first step to clear thinking to clear away any emotions, bias, trivia and preconceived notions that you have regarding the decision that you are about to make. Concentrate on the information that is essential to making the right decision.

How Does Your Garden Grow – Creating Goals for the Future

We planted a garden in late April with everything that you need to have a wonderful home grown salad. Tomatoes, lettuce, peppers and onions. I watered it every day and kept vigilance over it to make sure that the plants were growing.

Talk To Yourself

We are constantly talking to ourselves throughout the day. This negative self talk could have come from a parent, teacher or boss in the past and now you are repeating what they may have made you believe about yourself. This can also come from doubting your abilities and questioning your resilience.

The Pope’s Magic Wand: The Key To Mass Marketing and Wealth Building

Marketing is the key business and wealth building skill. Why? Because when you learn marketing you learn to think like another person with consciousness, precision, and dedication.

A Time To Reflect

Sunday is a great time for reflecting on the past week. Self Reflection is a time for us to sit back and reflect on the past. We can take stock of the events, people and emotions that drove us the previous week. This is an important part of growing and expanding our knowledge. If you take the time to look at the past and learn from it the act of reflection can help you to obtain your goals now and in the future. How can we do this productively so that this helps us to grow into a better person in our business and personal lives? We want to look at three things that occurred events, people and emotions in the past. Once we do this we need to examine and reflect learning from the mistakes and growing with the triumphs.

New Moon in Cancer – July, 2013 – Taking Aim!

After our exciting journey through the 12/21/12 date, solar and lunar eclipses, Super Moons and Summer Solstices we are finally starting the second half of the year. Now we are getting focused!

Why Procrastination Can Be Very Dangerous To Your Health

If you find yourself delaying important tasks over and over again, then you are not alone. In reality, a lot of people procrastinate in different ways, but some are continually affected by procrastination that it stops them fulfilling their prospective and disrupts their performance.

How The Law of Attraction Can Assist You In Being Slim And Trim

The Law of Attraction has been the focal point in a lot of conversations.While using its power, it is true that many people have experienced a total transformation in their lives. If a slim body has been among your dreams and you were for one reason or another unable to reduce weight, you can do so now with the power of the Law of Attraction.

Think and Evolve

Thought creates our reality, mentally, physically, spiritually and indeed in all ways we can think of. Religion is created by Thought and all Culture and Art. Thought is the creator of our world.

The Best Tactics For Achieving Your Dreams

This time I’m gonna make it BIG TIME! As the days go by I find myself “off line” and I have to remind myself. Hey, I’m gonna make it Big Time, nobody’s gonna stop me this time.

Alive and Aware

An overwhelming experience, or trauma, may have the effect of causing you to numb out, or shut down your emotional responses. This defense mechanism can have a strong negative effect on your ability to form and sustain intimate relationships. Yet “thawing” numbed responses can be challenging. Exercises to stimulate sensory and emotional awareness may assist in restoring and developing emotional responsiveness.

A Little Worry

Too much worry can ruin our lives, but a little bit of worry helps us understand what is important to us. We don’t want to get to where nothing concerns us.

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