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You Are Powerful – How To Take Charge Of Your Life And Unleash The Success Inside Of You

If you’re serious about success in life – from finances to health to relationships – take 5 minutes to read this article and discover why you are truly powerful beyond measure. In this article, I’ll teach you how to take charge of your life and become who you are destined to be, who you deserve to be.

Visitors At The Door

A man is challenged with strong opinions from others, and always doing what others expect of him. He challenges himself to stand up for what he believes, in spite of the judgment of others.

What Is Your Passion In Life And How To Find It

Passion is something that will grow and develop from your personal beliefs and experiences, and be enhanced by your skills and sustained by the value that you are able to provide to the world. It is what makes you want to get up in the morning and put all your efforts into improving, enhancing, sharing, and pursuing every day of your life. Passion is about changing and improving your life to make it more successful, and helping other people in the process. But don’t forget, when trying to find your passion, the accumulation of money is only one type of success.

Searching For Self – Lessons From Shirley Valentine

If you feel you are not living up to your potential or your life seems to be lacking passion and/or purpose, then perhaps a viewing of the 1989 film, Shirley Valentine, may be in order. Often the older we get, the more difficult it becomes to discern between who we really are – and who we have become, out of necessity and compromise. But the sooner we figure that out, and get back on track, the better.

Who You Really Want To Be

Sounds confusing? Who you really want to be is not the same as what you want to do with your life. The person you really are, the foundation you stand on that includes your morals, integrity or the lack of it and your personal beliefs is the substance of who you really want to be. If you are consciously seeking the answer and think it’s elusive, your subconscious mind already knows the answer and has begun the process of helping you to become exactly that.

Sibling Rivalry to Reconciliatory

We fought physically, mentally and emotionally. I was so hurt back then thinking that all of them get along while I felt isolated from the family.

Ascension – The Conscious Choice To RISE!

Ascension. It is many things.

The Most Underrated Question of Our Time!

Ever thought that 1 simple question that you get to hear each and every day can be the reason for you to change your life? Get a glimpse of what to do.

Finding Your Purpose Is Hard

So here’s the thing. My husband and I recently found out that our jobs have changed and there will be less traveling and more of being home and that sent Rob and me into a tailspin the last couple of weeks. The best way to describe it to someone is, I was going a 1,000 miles an hour with the bakery and then with touring and then I wasn’t.

The Park Of Yesterdays

Today was the day Arlyn’s Grandfather was taking him to the Park of Yesterdays. He’d heard of it before, but no one ever really told him what it was about. There were lots of stories, but everyone who was older seemed to keep what they know about the park a secret. So today was the day he got to find out what it was all about. He was finally old enough.

Mindfulness Practice – Why Do It? Ideas From A Mindfulness Coach

Mindfulness Practice can change your life. It may not change the circumstances of your life (but it might) but with mindfulness, one gains greater capacity to deal with life’s challenges in healthy ways, ways that don’t create as much chaos or suffering as caused by the ways we use when not being mindful.

Subliminal Unconditioning – Remove The Ghosts Of The Past That Live Rent Free In Your Head!

You can be on your way to having everything in the world you want. Only one thing is in the way. You! You are limited, you are conditioned. Sorry but it’s true. Don’t feel bad, we all are.Do you want to change? Do you want a better life? I am not saying what I have is the only way, or even the best way, i am saying it’s a way that works. it may well change your life. it is your life and it is your choice what you do with it. Do something, do nothing, up to you.

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