Feeling Positive (10 Minute Guided Meditation)

Off the Menu

How often in our lives do we just simply “order off the menu” rather than just go for what we really want? We only live this life this time once. We have the ability to become more satisfied and fulfilled in our lives if we only take the time to examine what it is we really want, and set out to create that.

Superman, Please Stand Down

Do you feel that you are essential to the very survival of humankind, and as such, must forever be vigilant and never rest because the whole world is depending on you? A deeper look shows us the real truth that can lurk behind about being Superman/Superwoman.

Personal Development – Setting Goals

Personal development goals are the path that you can take to moving your life forward. The key to achieving goals is to set them. Decide Your Personal Development Goals – You will need to start with making a few decisions.

Act More Than React

Acting-doing what we see as best, keeps us in control. Reacting-doing what we do based on things we have no control over, takes control from us. We should not let outside influences dictate the course of our days and our lives. We should, rather, make sure that we influence other things more than they influence us.

A Loving Path

Even though we are on our own chosen path, we share the road with so many, if only temporarily. Enjoy the journey on your loving path.

Nature Connection – How Do You Know When You’ve Got It?

Nature connection is a hot topic of discussion these days in many circles because of the benefits that time outside has for psychological & spiritual well-being… So what exactly is nature connection and how do you know when you’ve got it?

Time Is More Valuable Than Money

Time is more valuable than money. Why? That’s because you can never get back lost time.

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence Is Vital for Love, Peace and Joy In Life

Our emotions are not the result of external forces, rather a conscious reaction to life’s circumstances. Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize, manage and understand our emotions and the emotions of those around us. Cultivating the ability to control our thoughts and feelings is done by simply coming to a quiet awareness of them, through techniques like meditation, where the mind is silenced and not flooded or overwhelmed.

The Ultimate Solution to Stop Bullying

The irony of the bully archetype is that it would not exist if the victim did not exist. Or the victim would not exist if the hero did not exist. Or the hero would not exist if the bully did not exist. Each needs the other to survive. The solution to stop bullying is understanding the Persona you are playing.

How to Stay Well Thru a Positive Mental Attitude

Many people feel unwell – not only physically, but mentally and spiritually and find it hard to cope with life. Find out what you can do to feel better and more positive.

The Ego Right Mind Sees Error to Separate

This article continues the discussion of forgiveness to destroy which is the ego’s version of judgmental correction as forgiveness. In the ego version, it is all about using “nice” and “necessary” forgiveness as a kindness by seeing any and all error in yourself and a brother. You get these errors corrected (judged) as they’re sins from the perceived (judged) separation from God. That’s what makes it “necessary” and “nice” forgiveness. It is supposed to be part of your salvation from sin which is considered “kind” by the ego.

Lessons From A Song

Have you ever had a burning desire within you so strong, but were not sure how to plot the course of your life toward that destination? Here are some thoughts.

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