Feeling Lost in Life? Ask Yourself These 6 Questions!

Pondering Life’s Meaning And The Secret To Finding Happiness

Thriving to be happy is a common human trait. It’s an integral part of our Western social DNA. It’s even written into the American Declaration of Independence – the ‘unalienable’ human right to the ‘pursuit of happiness’.

Inhale and Exhale

I did a lot of self discovery in college, especially when I traveled abroad. But I never took a moment to sit and appreciate what was happening in my life. Now, all I can do is think. And I’ve been thinking a whole lot.

W Is For Wish

If money, time, and other things were not factors, what would be your greatest wish? Would it be to go on an exotic vacation, buy a fancy car, or purchase a house? The issue is if we feel things are out of our reach, we don’t even attempt to get them.

T Is For Title

“Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flow charts. It is about one life influencing another.” ~John C.

R Is For Rolodex

“Rolodex” may be a dated word but regardless if you use it or some contact database, it is important to use it correctly. How often do you comb through it and reach out to people you haven’t spoken to in a while? Do you ever weed people out?

Q Is For Quiet

How often do you get the opportunity to be still and have quiet time? A few years ago, I was walking on the beach early in the morning in Connecticut and I met a man who told me he needed seven minutes of silence a day. I gave this some consideration as I continued my walk and thought how much more productive I would be, and more importantly how much more efficient people would be in the workplace, if we all allowed ourselves seven minutes of silence each day.

Begin Healing Your Inner Self And Gain Self-Control Through A Positive State of Mind

A positive mind will prepare for catastrophe, and reserve some resources to cover any significant loss that attempts to relocate and slow their rate. In spite of the issues developed, a positive thinker will re-take control of his/her life no matter how many unpredicted incidents unfold. By developing a positive mind, the development of positive mindset will help with the development and improvement of self. When problems arrive, establishing a favorable attitude will move you to become a useful individual; ultimately giving you power to take back control of your life.

Happiness And Health: Can Extreme Joy Harm Your Health?

One study, the World Values Survey, that included almost 120,000 people from 96 countries, found that those who were reasonably delighted, ranking their life complete satisfaction at 8 or 9 out of 10, made more income and more financial success, than those who ranked their complete satisfaction level at 10. The 9s and 10s were more likely to have stable intimate relationships.

A Reconnection Is an All in Move

When we choose to jump on the fast-track to our “Life Purpose”, our “Life Task Work” to move and flow with grace from a heart space we choose to move through our life lessons at an accelerated pace. It is a beautiful, push, flip and stand up move.

Everyday Time Traveling

I’m writing this from a hotel room next to the Yakima River. It’s a scorching day in August, yet the river it running full and strong. I’m not used to rivers, I live in the Puget Sound, which has tides that flow and ebb along the shore.

Work Ethic (Consistency, Repetition, Staying Power and Hard Work): Recipe for Success

It is human nature to want to succeed in all aspects of our lives. This suggests that we should be interested in all advices, coaching, mentoring, and any other solutions that are offered to us to improve ourselves. Unfortunately this does not seem to be the case. I am often confused by the reluctance of many people to invest energy and effort toward achieving what is naturally human desire, namely success. I mean lasting success, not quick fixes that are achieved by cutting the corners. And I expect people, once achieving their goals, that they go all out to reward themselves, either with holidays, dinner, movie, etc. This is what we call relationship between hard work, effort, and rewards. I have identified the following components of work ethic as crucial for success: consistency, repetition, staying power, and hard work. I want to share my perspective and personal experience in this regard. Of course, success is by my own definition about achieving or exceeding that which one has set themselves to achieve. Therefore, success is relative and specific to each of us, differently. Set your own targets, measure, and learn from successes and failures. Enjoy reading!

Contracting for Change

I am diving right in with another aspect of collaborative agreement – contracting for change. Come on in, the water is just fine! In many healing arts models, practitioners BEGIN working with clarity about the focus for change.

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