Feeling Like A Brand New You ~ 10 Minute Guided Meditation

You Are Becoming

What do other people think about you? When does it matter what other people think of you? In what ways can you start to become who you are meant to be?

Best Friend or Worst Enemy?

Discover who your real enemy is. Learn how to stop believing what other people say about you.

Human Wisdom

Wisdom works on the basis of human intelligence, knowledge and experience. The strength of knowledge and length of experience can enhance the wisdom’s capacity and capability. Every person owns a certain level of intelligence by birth. The knowledge requires a standard degree of intelligence. Intelligence makes difference in the learning capacity of the human being. Its variation makes the difference in the human being. Such differences produce status-co in the society. So, the division amongst the masses occurs on the capacity of their wisdom.

Creating Boundaries Through Conflict

One of the many gifts we receive with the human body is a brain that can reason over our instinctual nature and resolve conflict through communication. This intention naturally establishes healthy boundaries.

Who Can You Believe? Believe in Yourself!

People looking for opportunities or in any phase of life encounter people who make claims. It is hard to know who to believe, but believing in oneself is important for success.

I Won’t Let Go – Why We Keep Hanging On

What lies behind your decision to keep holding on to someone even when it is obvious that something has ended with the finality of a loud thud? We tell ourselves that we can’t let go, can’t give up and never will. Can’t really means won’t in this instance. This choice is comparable to holding on to a live wire; your grip is the connection to the pain, yet you won’t let go.

How Our Negative Beliefs Get in the Way of Achieving Big Things in Life

Our beliefs are formed by what we learned from our parents and what we have learned through personal experiences. Our strongly held beliefs drive us to take action, and you have to choose the beliefs that challenge you and move you forward instead of holding you back.

How to Turn Your Life of Existence Into a Life of Choice?

‘Life is beautiful’ how many times we have heard this phrase! But do you really think that it means the same for you. If not, read on the article to find out how to lead a better life.

The World’s Slowest Pedestrian Teaching a Lesson on Patience

In a hurry, rushed, with too much to do, a brief encounter at a traffic light helps put things into perspective. We can find connections even in the most mundane moments. All we need do is look for them.

Born A Different Sex Through Reincarnation Is Confusing

The tricks played on people through reincarnation need to be understood and not undermined. Those who have memory of it must be listened too because this is responsible for many societies woes with homosexuality.

Time Can Be So Slow

While the journey of a thousand steps may begin with the first one, it may sometimes feel like your goal is unattainable, the journey not worth making. Time can feel like it is moving so slowly when we are waiting on something that is important to materialize; or a change that simply must be. If you are waiting to take that first step, remember that in the words of Anthony Robbins, “The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.”

Is Juxtaposition Greater Than God?

How can we keep our self improvement resolutions? We should arrange our surroundings to facilitate desired outcomes and dissuade undesirable results.

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