Feeling Grateful Before You Sleep 10 Minute Guided Meditation

Self Discovery Pt 2

In our last article of self discovery, we discussed self identity. We asked the question of, “Who am I?

Finding Your Passion: Why It Matters

Do you ever ask yourself “Do I matter?” This is a thoughtful question that’s really asking something much deeper.

Don’t Let Your Expectations Do You In

To stop your expectations from turning into anger and thus getting the best of you, first try to identify your angry triggers. What typically triggers an angry or hostile response in you? Jot down a list of these triggers.

Journaling to Holiday Bliss

Every one of us has a personal relationship with the winter holidays. Has yours become routine and dull? Could you use a re-vitalization of your holiday spirit?

Overcoming Your Fears to Try Something New

By stepping outside your comfort zone and trying something new, you will expand your zone of comfort, experience an increase in confidence, and gain the courage to go for larger goals. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The Key to Success

Have you ever wondered why some people are more successful than others? Sometimes people who seem very well equipped for success never quite make it, while others who have few advantages and no resources can become extremely successful.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the Power of Thoughts

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) places emphasis on the power of thoughts over human actions. Awareness of the link between thoughts, emotions and behaviors is an important aspect of this approach. Part of CBT involves identification and challenging of automatic thoughts, underlying assumptions, and core beliefs that do not serve the best interests of the individual.

Employer Versus Employee Mentality

Have you ever wondered why few people perform well in life versus so many struggling to make ends meet daily in their life. Why most of us are never satisfied with what we have and keep skipping from one job to another hoping for the very best. Well the answer is not very far from you.

Transcending The Pain – Body-Healing For ACoA’s and All Emotionally Abused

So many people suffer as the result of the workings of the mind, yet only a handful of beings ever question how the thing that is driving them mad works. Life becomes like a giant puzzle with thousands of pieces, without any clue as to how the puzzle is supposed to turn out. Being chug along day after day, without having any idea as to what direction their life is going, or that they have the right to design their own life’s picture. Learning to use the ability of the mind, is the key to happiness. But in order to use the mind effectively, one must allow the ego to stop identifying with its fantasy over being a victim. Earth is a free will zone. You get to choose to wake up or not.

7 Ways to Access YOUR Greatness

This article does what it says on the tin. It comes with 4 inspirational quotes from the likes of Joseph Campbell and Anais Nin. And it shows you 7 ways you can access your greatness. But the real question, here is this: do you want to access your greatness, available right now, or would you prefer to carry on living a life more ordinary?…

Are You Brilliant at People Pleasing But Long to Be Authentic?

If this is you, don’t judge yourself! People pleasing is one very powerful way of surviving. However, there is another way… Are you ready to move from people pleaser to authentic? And experience the joy of having your voice and your real self?

Four Ideas to Keep It Simple

I have this idea of compartmentalizing knowledge. I think that if I cannot see through the whole process of reaching my goal in three steps, it’s too much for me to handle at the moment. The key is to keep it simple. Here are four ideas.

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