Feeling Grateful and Full of Gratitude 10 Minute Guided Meditation

Changing Your Circumstances

You have absolute control over what information you choose to accept and act upon. If someone tells you that you are stupid, you can choose to accept that information, or you can choose to throw it away as useless and false. It is not their fault if you believe them.

How Lucky Can You Get?

Napoleon Boneparte, on being told the virtues of a new general – the man’s heroism, bravery, skill in battle and so on – waved his hand impatiently. “That’s all very well,” he said, “but is he lucky?” Napoleon regarded luck as a personal attribute rather than a matter of chance.

Considering Alternate Viewpoints

There are many people whose minds are closed, simply because they are afraid to consider an alternate idea. Rather than being a sign of the certainty of their belief system, it shows a marked insecurity. Surely the best of belief systems is able to stand firm against all scrutiny. If not, it is surely not the best possible.

Change Is Unavoidable, Deal With It!

Change is what happens when you are busy doing other things. It is simply a part of what it means to be alive. The issue most people have is the rate at which change appears to be happening. Life is just too fast. They want it to slow down.

Self Improvement: Just Say “No”

Sometimes people get confused and think that they have to do what others want in order to be liked. Doing things for the wrong reason can result in finding that you have resentment and unmet personal needs. And, agreeing to do something will never guarantee that the relationship between you and the other person will be what you want.

What Is It Like to Be Dead?

This is the greatest mystery to mankind, even up to the point where people fear death. There is no definite proof of what it is like to be dead, but this is my perception of how it works and why. This will probably end up to be a series of articles on the subject.

Are You A Victim of Your Thinking?

Here are things you can do to become a better decision-maker, given that as humans, our brains predispose us to making bad decisions from faulty reasoning. It distills thousands of pages of scientific research into a 1000 words. You’ll do yourself a favor to dig deeper independently. Your success may depend on it.

Realize, You Are Not Alone

Sometimes in our lives when we go through things, we feel so alone. You are never alone in this vast world that we live in. Somewhere, someone has gone through what you are currently going through.

The Unlimited Power of Your Potential – In Work and Life

Everyone has potential, perhaps more than they realize now or will ever come to fully know in their life because of fear and self-doubt. Your ability to tap into your potential will determine how many successes you have throughout your life, which is especially important for your career. You have the potential to learn, which many people do not realize even though they learn from life experiences every day. Everyone have a potential for personal and professional self-development because of an ability to learn, as long as you are willing to purposefully seek out new knowledge and skills, and develop a supportive mindset.

Cultivating Your Gratitude

Gratitude is the conscious and purposeful state of being and expressing thanks for all things that manifest in your life. Cultivating your gratitude with free e-books, gratitude journals, gratitude quotes and affirmations can truly change your life. If you want to see manifestation come alive in your life, then building a mindset of gratefulness is the key.

The 6 Stages to Plan on When You Want to Change

Way back in 1977, while I was graduating from Simmons College (and wondering how the heck I was going to get a job using what I’d learned), James Prochaska and his colleagues at the University of Rhode Island were developing a revolutionary new theory about how people change. It was called the Transtheoretical Model (TTM) which proposed that people who successfully change their behavior pass through six stages.

Sometimes It Really Does Help to Think Small

We all have a tendency to get caught up in the rat race and hyper pace of today’s society and expectations. I recently experienced a day that made me stop and revisit what I was doing and bring myself back to all I’ve learned about being aware of but not getting too caught up in the big picture. If you need a break from the race, I invite you to have a look at this article.

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