Feeling Full of Unconditional Happiness ~ 10 minute guided meditation

6 Keys To Creating Your Positive BOUNCE

How often have you heard the expression about having a bounce in your step? Doesn’t someone’s body language, including their posture, facial expression, how they move, etc., clearly indicate so very much about them, their attitude, and what they feel about themselves?

The Mind Is Dumb to the Future: Part 3

The mind is producing a steady flow of thoughts. You’ve listened to the chatter so long you barely recognize it except in times of excitement or stimulation. They often come in pairs, though they may not be identifiable as such, they are there.

The Mind Is Dumb to the Future: Part 4

Think about gossip. Gossip usually occurs within a group of friends or acquaintances. When we gossip we most often express the need for an absent person to improve and point out how simply that improvement could be achieved with a few minor adjustments.

Silver Is Valuable, But It Keeps The Gold From Being 100% Pure

The main ancient process of parting gold from its impurities was to use common salt as the most active ingredient. The gold was melted in a cauldron. When it got to a certain temperature, the salt was added. The salt reacted with the impurities and they rose to the surface so they could be skimmed off easily. What was left was the pure gold.The interesting thing was that silver was a part of the impurities that were skimmed off from the pure gold.

Barriers to Effective Listening

Having an understanding of how we put up barriers to effective communication can help us to recognize when we’re doing it. Identifying the reasons why helps to raise the awareness that might help us to avoid poor listening habits. People miss out on a lot of the information they’re being given for multiple reasons. Whether it’s selective listening or cultural bias, people who don’t form good listening habits will ultimately have a problem communicating in productive and healthy ways.

Exploring Perfectionism – 5 Steps to Start Moving Forward

So what really is perfectionism? I’m going to look into perfectionism, as it’s something most of us have had at some point in our lives. We are going to go on a discovery journey looking at the 5 steps to start moving forward.

6 Keys To Better Focus Your ENERGY

We often hear someone refer to needing to feel refreshed or energized, yet rarely do we truly consider what this means, and how to actually do so. More often than not, someone says this as an excuse for being, feeling, or behaving tired or lethargic, rather than seeking to become better, more impactful, and better prepared to take meaningful, timely action in one’s own behalf. While there is a definite need for each of us to use our best efforts if we wish to produce a degree of excellence in any endeavor (or in general), these efforts must be efficient,…

The Grace of God

Grace is one of the great pillars that uphold the word of God both in the old and new testaments of the bible.It can be defined as unmerited favour of God which believers (those who believe in God, especially Christians who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and saviour) enjoy. It is a gift of God.

Always Invest In Yourself First

Most people fail to take care of themselves and would rather waste time and money on many other things except investing in themselves first. If you cannot make yourself the first priority nothing will go smoothly in life.

4.2: Proceed Forward – Calms Your Fears

When you were a kid were you afraid of ghosts, goblins, monsters and that big scary Bogeyman under your bed? Me too, but I got over it. Would you like to shine the light on the ghosts of past mistakes and scare away the monsters of unforeseen obstacles?

Self-Discipline and Significance

Falling down was part of growing up. But now that you’ve grown up, how often do you continue to fall down mentally, physically or emotionally? Is there a secret to limit how much we fall down? I say YES.

Get Ahead in Life With the Gayatri Mantra

When it comes to improving our lives recitation of Hindu mantras leads to the right track of success. The mantras of various deities, the Gods and the Divine Mother, and the destroyer of obstacles, recited with devotion create harmony in our lives. However the most powerful and the one which can be recited universally is the Gayatri mantra.

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