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How to Become a Good Forgiver: Forgiveness: How Is It Used?

You know what forgiveness is, right? You know how to forgive, right? Or, do you! In this series of short articles, we will explore forgiveness, true forgiveness. We will discuss and define the concept of true forgiveness. First, we will explore what it is? Who it is for? How it is used? And, finally, what does it give; what does the gift of forgiveness give?

Three Reasons Why You Should Stop Responding

The big debate in online marketing is responsive design vs adaptive design. Responsive design usually refers to a website that adjusts it size to fit the dimensions of your device..

Identity Crisis!

Disclaimer: There is, of course, no such thing as the entire “truth”, except certain things (such as the Earth is round). There is, however, a reality that more than half of the population in this world fails to come into terms with. If you do not consider yourself to be part of the latter population, i…

Getting Outside the Box of Your Comfort Zone

Free your mind and the rest will follow. Does using a journal really make a difference? There is always a choice when it comes to allowing or preventing negative mindsets to get in the way of your success. Learn how to empower the creative abilities of your mind in ways you may have never considered before.

Elementary Living!

‘Simplicity is no longer a convention, it is an invention.’ As soon as I read this, it sat deeply within me. So true I thought. We now live in a world that is getting more and more complicated and in the midst of information overload on how we can make it even more so! In every dire situation, there is the proverbial silver lining and that became the case with the family and me. We discovered the components of elementary living!

Why Are We So Lazy

What is it that leads a person to inaction? What makes a person lazy? How to overcome laziness? Lets figure it out.

How Your Emotions Are Affecting Your Health Much More Than Your Diet

Most people already know that ‘junk food’ is pretty bad for them, health-wise. But if you really want to get a handle on what’s making you sick and stressed, you need to start working on your ‘junk emotions’.

When You’re Really Knocking On Heaven’s Door

A crushing pain, unimaginable pressure in your chest; “What in the world… ” you wonder; what is going on? Still, you press on with the task of painting the rooms; hard work that requires climbing tall ladders, a task that has suddenly become more difficult than one can imagine. Two more days pass, sharp pain with every breath, yet there is no thought that this is an emergency, a byproduct of living alone and rarely confiding in other people. Finally, coughing up fresh blood is the signal that something big has happened; it is time to visit the emergency room.

First Step in Meta Learning: Do You Know How to Learn?

Education is becoming very, very expensive. Even worse, it is not actually teaching any viable job skills that the workplace wants. As for most jobs you’re hired for; require on the job training and have nothing to do with the degree you have. Which is why self-study and building your very own classes is to the utmost importance in this day of age.

Shatter the Bonds of False Beliefs and Be Free

The real, unseen cause of our fear is the false belief that life can throw something-anything-at us that’s greater than our ability to change it. But this is simply not true; within each of us lives-no matter what our culture, tradition, or religious background-a fearless immortal Self: a transcendent nature that no more fears unforeseen changes than does the sun shake in the presence of a passing shadow cast by its own light.

Hanging Over

After one more night of self-destruction, financial promiscuity and shallow meaningless relations I sit to reflect with nothing but a bag of unanswered questions and an armor suit of guilt weighing me to my chair. The foggy, dazed side effects of my hangover give me an awkward sense of personal clarity. As if the damage taken from the ever-moving earth wasn’t sufficient, I wrap my hands in preparation of a fight to which there is no winner.

Surprising Healing Success Even With Reiki Shortcuts

I received a great question recently from my community and I thought it deserved a bit of explanation for everyone: “Does Reiki always need to be done with the whole sequence of hand positions to be effective, or can you just place your hands on another person’s or animal’s body without the full protocol?” One of my favorite sayings from Hayawo Takata, the Grand Master who brought Reiki from Japan to the West, is “some Reiki better than no Reiki.” Often I found myself giving Reiki in odd places, with limited…

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