Feel Wonderful for the Rest of Your Day (Morning Meditation)

How Important Is the Image You Project to Others?

In today’s hectic, competitive world, image is something that you are probably concerned about. Be it your physical appearance or the content of what you say, you know that the person you project to the world matters. However, have you ever considered what the sound of your speaking voice is saying to your listeners?

Invest In Yourself and You Will Be A Winner for Life

If you think you know it all, it means you are in a world of trouble. No one knows it all, but what you know you need to properly apply it in your life.

Revealed – Three Empowering Beliefs That Could Change Your Life

Have you seen pictures of amazing vaults that require three keys to unlock them? Well, our inner self is like one of those vaults, holding incredible riches and potential. But you need three keys to unlock them.

3 Self-Improvement Tips That Can Improve All Areas of Your Life

Self-improvement tips you can use to achieve success in life. Learn 3 tips for improving yourself so that you can accomplish all of your goals.

Guided Meditation – Meditating the Easy Way

Nowadays most people know about the many benefits of meditation – stress relief, re-energizing, improves your focus, helps to lower blood pressure etc, etc. However for many people, learning to meditate can be difficult and can lead to a feeling of failure which may even add to the stress in their lives! This article tells you how using a guided meditation can be the easy way to get the benefits of meditation in a variety of situations.

Stop Emotionally Abusing Yourself Through Negative Self-Talk

Is that little voice in your head constantly saying negative things to you and about you? Is it hard to turn off or even to ignore? Maybe you need to know a little bit more about that incessant voice and how to deal with it because by letting it rule your life you are essentially emotionally abusing yourself. That is not a good place to be. Wouldn’t you like to be listening to good things rather than abusive things all of the time?

Attitude is Everything – How Can You Improve Yours?

A positive attitude can get us through a tough day and can make a good day great. How do those people that always seem to be positive do it? They are the ones who know they are in control. They manage their perceptions of things and they work to expand their experiences so they can have good choices at every juncture.

How to Create Your Own Manifesto – This is Your Wake-Up Call

One of the things I do for my distant healing clients and my healer tribe is intuitive readings. But because that falls under the umbrella of “work”, I sometimes forget to do them for myself. Until life gets my attention and I realize I may need some intuitive guidance!

How to Get Going When You Feel Rotten

Have you ever had one of those days where you just do not feel very good, you have no energy and you do not feel like doing anything? I am having one of those days right now. I am coming down with a cold and I feel lousy. I am sitting here looking at my to-do list and there is nothing on it I feel even a remote interest in yet I know I have to do some of it just to keep tomorrow from being overwhelming. What can I do to get an infusion of energy short of drinking a whole pot of coffee?

Dealing With Loneliness

I experience being alone on a daily basis, it is not necessarily bad, actually quite good but when you are battling depression and persistent thoughts of self-worth it can be an extremely harmful combination. I don’t take any medications to quench these feelings, I simply deal with them, and when I cannot deal with these feelings for long, whether it be for months, weeks or days on end, guess what, I break down.

Learn About Self

This topic is about knowing self. When you know your real self, you will be successful.

3 Reasons You Should Keep a Journal

“Keeping a Journal” – sounds kind of serious, doesn’t it? Bit introspective? Slightly introverted? A tad inward looking? Well maybe. But perhaps not. What if keeping a journal was a fast track to living the life you love? Well, here are three reasons for you to keep one!

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