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People Can Tell From Your Face If You Are Wealthy Or Deprived

If you have been keeping up with my self-development articles that have focused on self-improvement, I know that you have already found out that what you wear and what you own can tip people off where you stand on the economic scale of life. Seemingly, there are parts of our economic social class structure that can’t be bought or exchanged at any medical out-clinic. According to new studies conducted by social psychologists, how much money we have is written all over our faces.

Knowing And Effectively Using Your STRENGTHS

Everyone has certain things, they are better at, and others, where they are considerably weaker, and/ or, ill – prepared! Often, the difference, between, personally, succeeding, to your potential, versus a lesser result, is the ability and willingness, to identify, and know, things you do best, and, thus, knowing, and effectively using, your STRENGTHS. While this may seem, obvious, and simplistic, proceeding, accordingly, is often, one of our greatest personal challenges, and self – imposed, obstacles!

How Will You Face Your FEARS?

Each of us, has certain things, which, for some reason, we are afraid of! This emotion and feeling, is natural and normal, but, the difference between the most successful people, and the rest of the pack, is how they handle their FEARS! Will this direct us, to become introspective, and objective, and learn to identify our strengths, and use them to their greatest potential, or, rather, will they limit us, and will we restrict ourselves to the perceive safety, and limits of our personal comfort zone?

How To Add Meaning To Your Life

All that we endeavor for is to make meaning in life. Though it can be called an exact science, you surely will agree, it makes a difference in how you treat yourself and your life once you become clear what meaning you intend to create in life. Learn a few ways you can make meaning…

The Crop of Kindness

In the words of Confucius, “If your plan is for one year, plant rice. If your plan is for ten years, plant trees. If your plan is for one hundred years, educate children”.

How Might You DEVELOP Your Assets/Skills?

Have you ever wondered why some others, who you consider, less – skilled, and lacking many of the talents and attributes, you possess, sometimes, seem to succeed, when you have less than stellar results? It might be, your self – perceptions, are overly optimistic and positive, or, while you have many quality skills, etc, you have not sufficiently developed them, to your best interest! Wouldn’t it, therefore, make sense, to proceed forward, in an introspective, objective manner, and do, everything possible, to positively, DEVELOP your personal skills and/ or assets, in order to, become the best, you might be?

Steps To Become A BETTER You

Do you want to become a better you? Will you commit to doing, whatever, possible, to make yourself, BETTER, never settling for good – enough, but, rather, demanding your utmost degree of quality, personal excellence, in everything you do? It’s important to realize, recognize, and understand, this does not mean, never being satisfied, but, rather, being realistic, while, simultaneously, looking, at ways, to improve, and enhance your skills, abilities, and attitude!

When Nothing Goes Right, It’s A Sign To Begin Using Your Creative Power

When you can answer to, where is my life going, by understanding and accepting your creative power, even when it seems that, nothing goes right, you’re opening the door for success in life. By having these ideas of a prosperous life we are able to live positive lives. If we stay in self-doubt and other wrong minded ego-based thoughts based on doubt, fear, and judgement and the like, those negative things, our dreams will never ever happen. Our objectives and goals will be unlikely accomplished. As individuals seeking a prosperous life, we ought to utilize our talents not only to recover ourselves and those around us, but also humankind as a whole. Because attunement reinforces our ideas making us understand that we have a real and full potential within us to do more in our life.

People Can Tell Your Social Class From The First Few Words You Utter

Did you know that studies were conducted at some of the most prestigious universities in the world regarding people’s ability to recognize other people’s social class by the mere words they uttered? This is what those universities found out from the studies that were conducted. Universities had already found out from previous studies conducted that people can tell your social class by the things you wear and buy. That’s right! The things that we wear, and buy are status symbols to show off our economic success. New conducted studies show that there are other factors associated with determining social class status.

Personal Development: Training: Learning, Applying/Using, And Self-Help

One of the challenges, for those, seeking self – improvement, etc, is, there are so many different explanations, available, for, precisely what it implies, and, precisely, the necessary components, and proper application, in terms of our personal development. Most of us recall the line, from the movie, Happy Gilmore, when the character, acted and portrayed by Adam Sandler, was instructed to, Go to your happy place, whenever he had significant self – doubt, anger, confusion, etc. Each of us, should learn from this, we are not perfect, and, consistently seek to improve, and enhance our skills, attitude, etc.

The Language of Centering

The driver cut me off without warning. We almost collided. My pulse accelerated, my adrenaline pumped, my anger went from 0 to 60 in less than a second. I breathe in, exhale, and choose to center. At first I’m only about 20 percent centered. I keep breathing. 30%. I think: what rational explanation would allow for that driver to do what he did? 40%. More breathing. 50%. Smile to myself–everything’s okay. No damage done. 75%. It’s over, without me doing anything I’ll regret later. Life is good. 100%. The language and practice of centering is one in which some people are fairly fluent. Yet even those who understand the concept are often unsure exactly how to get there on purpose.

How To Create The Life You Want With The Law Of Manifestattion

How to become successful in life and get the life you want means acknowledging that you are the source of everything that you want. Stop waiting to acquire it or to win it, but do marry it and don’t expect it to come from any source other than you. You can have anything that you want and all it requires is an understanding and aligning to the law of manifestation. The power of manifestation has you creating the life you want by using feelings, objectives and goals with right-minded thoughts. The Course in Miracles teaches, “To seek and ye shall find,” but does not mean to look blindly and desperately for what you do not really want. Understand that the procedure for how to become successful in life and achieving exactly what you want, the inner ‘WHY,’ to get the life you want, is more important than in completion of a ‘How and What’ result.

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