Feel Good Visualisation Guided Meditation

How Do I Change?

The new year is fast approaching and this is the normal time for us to start thinking about what we should have done in the past year and begin to plan for what we want to get done in the new year. This is what we call change.

Droppings Off As a Vital Part in the Universal Cycle of Change

The Universal Cycle of Change, the natural cycle that describes how everything in the whole universe evolves, has seven stages: creation, growth, complexity to maturity, turbulence, chaos, droppings off, and meditation & inward silence. Everything in the universe, and in life, has to go through this cycle in order to keep evolving, renewing or developing to a higher state.

Emotional Bankruptcy: When Work Stress Becomes Home Stress

We spend the majority of our waking hours, in fact the bulk of our lives, engaged in our professions and careers. It seems that the more lucrative the job, the greater the attendant time demands and pressures. Stressful work environments create stressed out people, stressed out relationships, and stressed out families. It’s very difficult to turn off the job just because you walk in the front door.

Morph Into The Person You Want To Become

I would like to speak to you this day regarding the method of becoming. It is what I called morph. You literally need to do just that to become the person you want to be. Have you ever heard of the BE-DO-HAVE formula? I go into detail of how to use this formula to morph and create the life you want.

Reminder From A Psychic – Life Is Always Changing

Life is always changing. That is one thing that I am sure is a constant. Just when you think you have things figured out, a hair pin curve comes that you didn’t see coming. Today’s article reminds us, with humor, about this fact.

Psychic Tools From the External to the Best Tool, YOU

Your intuition is already there, always was and always will be. When we don’t actively use it, we come to rely mostly on logical thinking. And that deprives us of wisdom, insight and growth. There are so many tools we can use to ignite our innate psychic. But the absolute best tool is you and your body.

Self Help Information You Can’t Pass Up On

For people who are interested in bettering themselves there are many options. This article has examined some of the top personal development tips for all types of people, however, there is still a whole world out there for people who are interested in this topic. Continue reading these tips to help yourself out.

Help Yourself To A Better Life With These Self-Help Tips

One’s evolution into a better, happier person is effectively achieved through self help. Thankfully, there are a number of straightforward tips and pieces of advice for those looking to pursue self help, many of which are listed below in this article. Self help will guide you in a positive direction.

Awesome Self Help Tips That Can Lift Your Spirits

What would happen if you had a secret list of special techniques to help you easily deal with some of life’s craziness? Many tips and techniques have been invented through time as ways for us to deal with the frustrations and disappointments of everyday life. Plenty of these special techniques are available in books and other literature, but you need to find the right techniques that work for you.

Finding Your True Self – The Difference Between Ideal and Perfect

After much learning I thought to share my experiences with the best Personal Growth Mentors in the Universe today. The reason is so maybe you can gather enough clear information so you can make an educated decision of who and what would be your best choice to partner with. You can work with one or a number of coaches at the same time.

Humans Have Brains

The article explains Human Beings as the most developed specie on the Earth. The author tries to explain that in spite of having the most of everything, which God has bestowed upon us, we do not behave or conduct ourselves as Humans. He urges the readers, humans in general, to introspect.

The Gift of Yard Work

Many people see doing yard work as a burdensome chore. But what if you looked at it as an opportunity for personal growth, mindfulness, and meditation?

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