Feel Amazing 10 Minute Guided Meditation

Growing a Garden of Harmony in YOUR LIFE

What happens when we become stagnant and stale? What happens when we stop growing? What happens when we fail to tend to our relationships and all that has meaning to us? Just as our gardens will wither and wilt, so will our ideas, inspirations and relationships.

Talking to the Mirror and Its Benefits

Talking to the mirror definitely solves major portions of your problems. Wouldn’t you care to know more? It is all very interesting, and to learn more how it is possible, why don’t you take a look inside?

How Perception Creates Your Reality

Author Gregory Berns states in Iconoclast, “Perception is the brain’s way of interpreting ambiguous visual signals in the most likely explanation possible. These explanations are a direct result of past experience.”

What Is Creative Visualization?

Visualization is using your imagination to help achieve your goals. It is a powerful tool for achieving positive states and emotions.

Unplugging From Aging: A Divine Human Gift

“Getting older is inevitable. Aging is optional.” – -Dr. Christiane Northrup, ob-gyn and author.

Attract Your Destiny Through Reflection

Did you ever wonder how some people cultivate a magnetic and forceful personality? Geniuses of all types have used this simple method to induce creative inspiration for their creative achievements. Perhaps building the qualities of your mind through reflection will work for you.

Have You Lost Your Mojo? It’s Time To Find It Again

Have you lost your mojo? It’s not much fun. You feel deflated. You feel like you’re dragging yourself through the day and you can’t seem to get on top of it. Finding your mojo is the key to finding success. Find your personal power and the world is your oyster. You can be, do and have anything you want.

Why “Learning to Sell by Doing” Will Change Your Life

We all have to learn how to sell. It’s an art we can learn only on the field. If you learn how to sell you will disclose a part of the essence of human life.

Why Is It Important to Dress More Professionally?

Take care of how you dress for work. Our clothing say a lot more about us than whether we look tidy, well put together and stylish.

Escaping Fear – How To Free Yourself From Fear

If we change our belief about change, we change our life. We must not fear change.

How To Change Limiting Beliefs

How beliefs are formed – When you believe that something is right, this means that you’re convinced-by logic-that this thing is right, as simple as that, right? No, this is not how beliefs are formed, a belief needs evidence to be installed, and those evidences don’t have to be real or reasonable at all, you may consider an unease look from a stranger as an evidence for a belief that says I’m boring!

Is There Magic in That Water Under the Bridge

“It’s just water under the bridge… ” when we imagine that something has already passed and no longer has significance in our lives, it becomes just water under the bridge; or is it? Is it possible that the ole’ water under the bridge is really magical, that it has the power to transform our future?

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