Fall Asleep in 10 Minutes Guided Meditation

Surrendering the Seasons

There are perhaps changes in your workplace. It’s been decided and you’re part of it. It’s the end of one season for you and the beginning of another. Taken as a conscriptee or a prisoner-of-war?

The Coach Approach To Managing Yourself

Do you take the time to consciously manage yourself or do you go through life just letting it happen to you? If you do the latter you are probably missing out on a lot of great stuff and you might even be getting bogged down in being stuck and in difficult situations. That is not to say that consciously managing your self is the antidote to problems in life but it sure does help. It can make life clearer and easier to navigate and when bad things do happen you have a definite rudder to help steer you through.

The Five Levels of Listening

We listen and then we listen and lots of the time we don’t listen at all. What? Well, that is just the point. There are several levels of listening and each is more sophisticated than the other. We use the various levels in different social situations and some of us are more skilled than others. Listening is so important to communication, though, that it behoves us all to work to improve our skills. When we have poor listening skills we jump to conclusions, misinterpret and misunderstand what is being said. It takes a lot of work to clean up the mess we make when we don’t listen well.

Why Forgiveness Is Possibly The Most Powerful Thing You Can Do For Yourself!

Forgiveness is more than some noble thing you say to others. “I forgive you”, words said intellectually but nothing about your life changes. Emotionally you feel the same but you perhaps wish you didn’t.

Sincere Gratitude and Appreciation

There is a big difference between sincere gratitude and profusely saying thank you. The difference is sincerity, and that affects how the giver feels about giving to you in the future. When you sincerely feel gratitude, then one thank you is enough, even a smile will do, but if you do not have that sincerity, the more you say thank you, the worse it appears. It is not merely being grateful or appreciative, it is being sincere. If you think about any time you have done or given something to someone and the gratitude was sincere, compared to the times it was not, or no appreciation at all was given, you can recognize what we are talking about.

Joy Is the Essence of Success

“A mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. To Inspire – you have to walk your talk.” Sometimes we forget the essence of real leadership, parenting and teaching others is to BE what you want others to become.

The Mindset You Need In Order To Live A Successful Life

Do you want to be successful? If you do, you must start by adopting the mindset of a successful person. Remember this, it is the mindset that will determine what decision you take and what you are going to do in your life. Hence, a poor mindset will only produce ordinary results. If you want to be successful, adopt the success mindset right now.

Get Unstuck – Freedom To Go For Something Different

Are you feeling like you are doing the same old thing over and over? Is everything pretty routine for you like get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, go to work, come home, eat dinner and flop in front of the TV? Sounds familiar? If it does then your life could do with a major twist on the current scenario. Maybe it is time to do things differently or to do different things. We can briefly look at these options in this article. First we will look at doing things differently and second we will look at doing different things.

Do You Love You? How Loving Yourself Can Help Others

It may seem like a silly question, “do you love you?” You may have one of many opinions about the question. Your opinions may have something to do with your upbringing, your ideals, or what you see around you.

Overcome Fear And Build Your Confidence

If you think you lack self-confidence, there can be many reasons for that. Lack of experience may be one of the reasons on certain occasions. If you are asked to make a speech in public suddenly, you may be afraid because you may not have had experience of making a public speech. You may also have an insecure feeling due to which you may feel lack of self-confidence. But, this shortcoming can be overcome by making a few changes.

Appreciating Light While in the Dark – Understanding the Law of Polarity

Everything in life has a direct and equal opposite. The same is true for the trials we experience in life.

Fear Is Freedom

When was the last time you were afraid? Today?

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