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Do You Want To Be Set Free From Your Past?

Many of us allow ourselves to be held back. We dwell on negative things that happened in the past rather than focus on our dreams for the future. Here’s a simple but effective exercise that will help change all that.

Releasing the Past – Secrets to Letting Go

How much does your past define you are today? Have you allowed your positive experiences to create your future or are you clinging to your negative encounters and recreating the same types of situations? Most of us have had experiences and situations that we wish had never happened, that we wish we could erase or at least re-write, but why is it that some people seem able to bounce back from these times quite easily and others seem to dwell on them for months and even years at a time?

Turning Forgotten New Years Resolutions Into Remembered Change

The New Year is long gone, and so are good intended New Year’s resolutions. During the turning of the year we become introspective and start mulling over the past year’s events. We see what improvements need to be made and hopefully keep our big promises long enough to see change manifest.

Not Everything Is As It Seems

There are more to the experiences we have in life. Sometimes we get the message while others float right by us without us noticing. You can turn a negative situation into a positive by simply looking for the lesson or message just as this article shows.

Stuck in a Job You Don’t Like?

Are you fed up doing work you don’t really care about? Are you looking to do something more meaningful but aren’t sure what to do? As a life coach, I continually work with people helping them leave the grind of the corporate world behind, to find more purposeful and fulfilling work. It can be done! I’d like to share with you my eight tips to kick-start your career change.

The ‘Not-Self’: Help Discover Who You Are By Discovering Who You’re Not

You can only love yourself when you know who you are. Otherwise how do you know that you love yourself? It is not a mental concept. It is not the mind telling you what a wonderful person you are. It’s the whole body.

Advice on How to Overcome Procrastination

The following case-study about procrastination help demonstrates what can be achieved by practicing the simple self-help practice of higher-consciousness healing. George came to see me because every year his business lost large amounts of money due to his low confidence, disorganisation and procrastination. In actual fact, George was so scared of writing quotes that he turned down most of the jobs that were offered to him. If he did accept a job he procrastinated endlessly instead of doing the work. Finally, if his customers did not pay he did not have the confidence to assert his rights. All in all this behaviour had brought him to the brink of bankruptcy.

If You Can’t Change Your Circumstances, What CAN You Do?

In this article, we take a look at what can be done to change our reaction to circumstances if we are unable to change the circumstances themselves. We also look at a simple strategy to help us shape that reaction so it works in our favour.

You Are an A Student

  You Are an “A” Student   Gifted teachers know that every student that walks into their classroom for the first time is already an “A” student. The child will have to work hard at not getting an A. Good teachers work backwards with grades.

What’s Your (Upper Limit) Problem?

Have you ever experienced a situation where things are going really well, you’re feeling pretty happy with life, you feel you’re finally making progress, when all of a sudden something happens – perhaps a family crisis or an illness or you suddenly feel depressed for no apparent reason? It seems as though every time things start to go well, something happens to spoil it.

Do You Know What Your Heart Needs and How to Get It?

Sometimes there are vacancies within us that we don’t know how to fix. We can’t fix them because we don’t know what causes them.

Lost in Success

Each day, more and more of us report an insatiable and inconsolable restlessness. Finding ourselves wrapped in the trappings of success and radiating an air of inexhaustible competence, we are unable to escape the hollow feeling that our lives have no real meaning or a purpose that feeds us from the inside.

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