EVERYTHING You Visualize Will Come True | 3 Powerful Steps You MUST TRY!! [Law of Attraction]

To Do List in the Morning for a Better Day

The article is about the things that you can do early in the morning in order to start your day right. These are easy to follow tips that anyone can easily apply in their daily lives.

Who’s Your Tyler Durden?

In Fight Club, Tyler Durden is the opposite of the movie’s main character, Jack. Tyler is free while Jack is not. Who do you want to be, and what is holding you back?

Compete But With Yourself

Today’s younger generation competes for power, money, positions, jostling with one another, viewing one another as predators for the same objective. This results in acute loneliness and the inability to communicate on a healthy, transparent and compassionate manner.

May the Force Be With You

Have you been experiencing some radical shifts of consciousness and “higher self” experiences lately? Stories of “ordinary” people suddenly traveling out of their body, channelling their higher self, and having instant personal transformation are appearing all over the web.

Choose Something You Can Change

It is easy to change a situation when you pick the right approach. It’s also important to pick something you can actually change. I live in a senior community where two thirds of the population is non-active, non-social and sometimes grouchy and lonely. However, one-third of us are active and social and we participate with others in mind.

7 Ways To Conquer Your Shyness And Gain Confidence

Winning the battle of shyness takes practice, lots of practice. But it is well worth the effort. Each day you can wake up feeling good about yourself. The more you practice and nurture confidence the more it will develop and grow.

We Can Be The Reminder

Just as others are constant reminders to us of what we need to do, we are constant reminders to others every day as well. The actions we take and the words we say can be reminders to others.

3 Easy Way to Reach Your Goals

It’s fair enough to say that at one point in time or another we’ve created a dream that we always wanted to reach yet we somehow never got around to accomplishing it. Birthday wishes are usually the best examples. “By my next birthday I will be a millionaire” or, “My band will make it on the cover of Rolling Stone this Spring”. There are 3 easy steps to reach your goals, it’s as easy as 1,2, and 3:

Personal Growth by Modern Kabbalah: Relationships

The Kabbalah teaches us that relationships are where we find balance and equality with our significant other. When we are equal, we develop deep empathy and understanding on shared emotional ground.

45% Of Americans Are Afraid of This

My mouth was so dry that my tongue couldn’t move, so I drank a glass of water. My speech was coming up and I was terrified at the prospect of getting up behind the lectern and addressing the audience. I could feel my mouth drying out again so I poured another glass of water, and then another, and then another, until I had drained the whole pitcher – now I had another problem on my hands. I really should take a bathroom break, but now I didn’t have time – my turn in front of the audience had come.

Are the People Around You Supporting You?

If you want to wrestle back control over how your life and business is shaped, then it is time that you understand how much influence and sway the people you invite to spend time around you each day, have over you. Each one of them plays a major role in shaping and influencing your life and business. It is for this reason that every super achiever should very carefully select the people they allow into their space. As the influence these people exert over the results they will be able to enjoy in both their life and business is huge.

Is FEAR Robbing Your Relationship, Sabotaging Your Success, and Killing Your Cash Flow?

This article addresses how FEAR controls our outlook on life, the success we have in it, and how we interact with those around us because of it. It provides solutions to address the common FEARS we all have, as well as, those we’re not aware of, but impact our life daily.

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