Everything Will Happen in Divine Timing [SHOCKING TRUTH!!]

Life Purpose Statements – Tips for Discovering and Articulating Your Life Purpose

Wrestling with life purpose statements and the large questions behind them – “Who am I? What am I here to do? What’s my purpose?” – can be a difficult exercise. Learn how to look for clues in your past, present, and desired future to help discover and articulate your life’s purpose.

Are You a Microwave Or Are You an Oven?

We have turned into microwave society. We want everything right now and with little to no effort.

What Is Your Greatest Fear?

Do you have a fear of public speaking, heights, spiders or snakes? How about the fear of not making ends meet or not finding the love of your life? Most people have some kind of fear in their life that’s holding them back from their true potential.

Crisis Is an Opportunity for Change and Growth

With any crisis, transition, change or loss, there is danger and there is opportunity. The ease with which you go through any change and the benefit you derive from it will depend upon what you choose to seize – the negative loss or the chance to grow and learn. Charlotte never thought her marriage would end.

What Questions Are You Asking Yourself?

Start noticing the questions you are asking yourself. Which ones do you try to answer immediately? Which ones do you put aside? Could it be the important ones?

When and How to Choose an Image Consultant

Image Consultants can show you what to wear, how to behave, where to shop, and whatever that makes the others around you realize and appreciate who you really are. This article guides you on when and how to choose an image consultant to generally make your life more easier, happier, comfortable and successful to live.

3 Smart Strategies for Finding Your Life Purpose

Finding your life purpose may be a bit harder than we have been led to believe. Ask most people what their purpose in life is and you get such vague answers as “to be a parent”, “to be a good friend”, “to be a good person” and answers along this line.

2 Reasons on Why to Change and Live a Life Full of Love

Why is it good to change? When you look at nature, do you see anything staying the same? Nature catastrophes, ecosystems changing, animals evolving, adaptation – everything changes daily. Earth is changing in its form always. So why have we been taught to not change, as humans?

How to Manage Baby Boomers’ Personal Development Plans

Managing your personal development goals is the key to your success with any type of personal improvement plan. You may find that your goals will change as your circumstances change. Stay motivated by keeping a journal of each step you make towards your goals.

Owning Your Own Issues

When you encounter complications in your relationship-and you will-there will be times when you have to make some hard choices. In those choices, you will have your requirements and your compromises. There are other times when there is a problem, but the issue is not yours to deal with. Someone other than you has choices and possibly compromises to make. What is it that you must do?

Personal Development – Can You Really Achieve Your Goals?

I had a conversation with my sister-in-law about the question of ‘overachievement’. To a great extent, there are people who view the successes we have at AKLTG as a major success.

It’s Your Life – Own It!

To me, the ownership process moves you from reacting and feeling like you “have” to do certain things to realizing that there are very few “have to’s” in your life. Think about it. Do you “have” to pay taxes? Do you “have” to stay married?

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