Every Day Morning Meditation (10 Minute guided meditation)

Hold the Door Open for Someone

In this fast paced world, everyone is busy in their own life. We find ourselves so much involved that we hardly have any time for others. But even in such scenario, I have seen a lot of people who don’t find it difficult to care for others and to go out of their way to help them.

I Learned That Our Children Are Our Best Teachers If We Are Only Willing to Become Their Students

I learned that our kids are possibly our best teachers, if only we allow ourselves to become their students. They showed me what was possible, and what kids are capable of, when we leave our own beliefs out of the equation and give them the chance to be and to express themselves. These young people were perfect students and teachers for each other, and for me.

Is Our Mind a Powerful Curse or a Powerful Cure? The Choice Is Ours

As I explored, I found many beliefs about love, money, happiness and a strong ingrained belief that I didn’t deserve to have it all. I had been cursed with that idea for a lifetime. Looking back I could see clearly the compromises I made because of those beliefs. Discovering and releasing those beliefs became the cure which eliminated the self-imposed curse and allowed the rest of those promises I made to my self to come into fruition. We really can have all of our cake and eat it too

You Can Change Profoundly, FOREVER!

The neurobiology of personal change is a complex subject. The important point is that we now know that you are NEVER a finished product unless you choose to be. If you believe you are hard-wired, you may just be hard-headed.

5 Questions That Will Transform Your Life

Have you ever felt completely stuck in life? Not knowing which direction to move in next? If you are human, chances are you have said yes! Most people will go through this feeling of being stuck at least once in their lives if not more. Mostly when we are feeling stuck what has happened is that our brain has gone into a complete frenzy and is throwing out contradictory thoughts at us at such a high speed that we simply freeze and stop dead in our tracks. And then all that comes out of our mouth is “nothing is right and I don’t even know why?” Ever experienced that before? Well! Asking yourself the right questions is an excellent way to get out of the confusion and find the answers you need to take your life to the next level. The right questions will stimulate the mind and help you simplify the confusion! When you will ask yourself these questions, you will get the answers that you need to transform your life!

Good, Better, Best

On your way to being the best, never settle for less… irrespective of how good it sounds. There I was sitting quietly near my boss while he taught me the way things were done in the section I got transferred to, when my (former) boss from my earlier work section showed up at the scene. He observed us for a while, smiled and then told my (new) boss “do not mind her sitting here and looking all innocent like she doesn’t know anything, she is really good”. At this compliment I immediately smiled and told myself “Ayo, it is time to rev up, and be better”.

Invest in Yourself! Constructive Changes Enable You to Develop a Successful Intimate Relationship

If you have had numerous unsuccessful relationships until now, the only way to make a change for the better is to invest in yourself. That means, to get to understand, once and for all, what in you drives you to approach relationships with an unhealthy attitude – sacrificing yourself (thinking you have “so much love to give”) rather than trying to develop a mutual give-and-take. Investing in yourself means, learning why you behave that way and how to change your attitude and behavior.

Message From the Universe: Patience Is a Virtue for Everything, Including Your Dreams!

If you have no dreams, you are not living. If you do not put these dreams into action, they just linger with regrets. Never live your life wondering what if. Avoid living your life in fear of making things happen for yourself and start taking action to accomplish great things. Do what you feel will make you happen, and stop waiting for the right moment for things to happen for you to take action. The time is NOW. So what are you waiting for?

A Lesson Learned On The Road To Tenderness

Tenderness may require you to lay aside your own agenda for awhile; to extend a hand, to show some grace. Tenderness means humbling yourself, and remembering where you started on this journey. Don’t forget where you started from, because the minute you do, you’ve lost the only perspective that means anything: how to be a human with a heart that beats and breaks for another.

Be Awesome Just As You Are

It is really not that difficult to have an awesome personality with the right tips on personal development. Many consumers are constantly seeking to find their life purpose in enjoying their life and accepting themselves. Some may strive hard to make others like them yet fail miserably when they fall out with friends or loved ones. They may even consult professional life coaches or personality development experts for special counsel and course of actions to change themselves and their circumstances for the better.

What Keeps You From Your Destiny?

What is it that keeps you from your destiny? There are many things such as fear, guilt, materialism, and the need to please people. All of them keep you from doing what God put you on the planet to do.

All Done by Kindness

Advit, a 6 year old boy, went to school with his father every day. On his way he saw an old man in tattered clothes, sitting in a corner, half asleep. One day he asked his father, “Dad, Who is he? Why doesn’t he go to his home”?

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