Energy Cleanse Meditation ~ Clear Your System of Any Stress & Anxiety

Calm Your Raging Storm

Do you ever experience the ups and downs of feeling balanced and in control one day and uncertain and wavering the next? Sometimes the balance lasts for days – even weeks – and then you plummet – again.

Dream Catching to Love This Life

From as early on in life as you can remember what were the tools you used to make you express yourself easily? Did you play an instrument, sing a song, write poetry, paint or sketch a scene, a person, a cartoon or did you make something out of metal or wood or use paper? The list is endless and igniting newer possiblities for you now, at any age, are infinite. It is always a good time to find time to weave life dreams into your daily living a means to keeping our inner child forever amused.

Some Mountains

Whenever we are confronted with obstacles, there is always an answer or solution available to us. All we have to do is pay attention to the voice of our spirit that is yielded to the Spirit of God.

A Reiki Awakening to Finding Reality and Accepting Truth

In search of the true reality of life wile recovering from a heart failure condition, my basic study of Reiki struck me deeply and I started learning all I could about this wonderful belief system and practice. In English Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy , as rediscovered by Mikao Usui in the late 19th century. And energy is atoms. There-from I deduced that everything and everyone on Earth, in the Universe in fact, are made of exactly the same basic compound – atoms. This led me to founding a foundation with the purpose of raising the awareness to this level of consciousness, and to help to heal mankind and Earth.

Do You Know Your STRENGTHS?

How often have you read, or heard someone say that you need to use your strengths to your advantage? However, far too often, many of us fail to adequately examine what that means to us personally, and therefore it becomes quite challenging to properly take advntage of things that we are unsure of. Greatness arrives as a result of many factors and conditions, but perhaps development, enhancing and utilization of personal strengths in a meaningful manner, is the most significant contributor to doing and being better in nearly everything that we do.

Triple Identity – Spirit, Mind and Body – Who Are We?

This article brings to light the question of personal identity as a spirit being, not just a body and mind unity alone. Esoteric and New Age ideas are introduced to the mix but, the bottom line remains; since we are energy beings, or spirits, who each possesses and uses a body and a mind, we should understand and accept responsibility for all thoughts and deeds performed by our minds and bodies. Philosophers Rene Descartes and Bertrand Russel’s thoughts are taken into account when considering who we actually are and how the three entities are linked together.

Peace of Mind: Finding More Mental Energy

With all the responsibilities we have, wanting a little more peace of mind is a given. But sometimes we don’t have time to even eat!

Action Plans

So who are you really? Have you given yourself permission to be who you want to be?

How Bad Do You Want It?

So now that we’ve freed up all this time and space. Now that we’ve found more energy and we’re getting excited about living our dream, now what?

Hangups and Holdups

So once you can define your dream and you feel comfortable with it, then what? Maybe you’ve been able to imagine it for years.

Reaching Dreams Even in the Bad Times

Everywhere I go, people want to talk about how bad things are. Healthcare, Government conspiracies, greed, corruption – as if any of these things are new.

Walk It Out

Time to take an inventory. Not of your stuff, per se. An inventory of your life. It’s time to take a good hard look at where your life is moving towards your dream and where it’s not.

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