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Formula for Success – Never Stop Trying

I like that because I have had more failures than the average bear. However, I will not give up. I do have this dream of helping others achieve their goals and I know it will come true. In fact, it is coming true right now. If you are reading this mornings motivation my success is complete.

Becoming the New Confident You

I believe we are all genetically predisposed in the direction of strength, capable of building productive lives. Unfortunately, life experiences can have a way of corrupting those inborn talents. Perhaps our parents were overprotective, giving a message of incompetence; illness may have stalled early development, making true maturity a challenge to obtain; or religious teachings may have instilled messages of our “sin nature,” giving a false message of inborn corruption.

Start the Day With a Smile

Today I had to put on a smile to defuse a potential argument. I was walking across the street in the crosswalk. I always keep an eye out for tourists that don’t know this crosswalk exist. I live in a small tourist town in California and we have tourists running out of our ears. A must read!

A Brand New You in 2012

As a woman business owner, you are your brand. Like it or not, your image speaks volumes to those you come in contact with to tell them more about yourself than you may realize. Within 30 seconds of meeting someone they have already formed a first opinion of you. And often it sticks.

The Essentials of Unwavering Faith

Faith to a Christian is the very foundation of our profession. Right off the bat, we’re reminded in the scriptures that no person can please God without exercising faith. It’s obvious that God is a spirit and we’re humans, therefore it takes faith, to approach the realm of the supernatural. Faith thrives by action. This action is based on the promises of God. Have you been in a situation whereby humanly speaking there’s no hope? Yet because of your faith in God’s promises, there’s a deep seated assurance that things will turn out right. I’ve been there many times. It never seizes to amaze me how the Lord comes through for us at the very seeming last moment.

I Asked For Pancakes But Life Gave Me Waffles: Flexible Planning

Learning to be flexible will assist you with an improved attitude. Recognizing that Life is a constant twist of unexpected turns allows you to be prepared for almost any situation.

The Three Thieves of Peace: Anxiety, Fear, and Worry

The three thieves of peace are: worry, anxiety, and fear. There is not much difference in the characteristics these deadly enemies. Regardless of the slight difference in definition, these three foes attack the mind, body, and soul to rob you of your peace of mind and trust in the almighty God. The real question is how do you stop these evil monsters from destroying your peace of mind, health, and emotional well being? Read the complete article for the answer.

4 Good Ways To Live Life With Integrity

Living a life of integrity is not the easiest path. It can mean consistently going against the majority, taking a stand for yourself in a way you may not have before and putting your foot down even if it means upsetting a friend.

Steps for Getting On the Path to Self Improvement

Many philosophers and experts believe that the purpose of existence is nothing but self improvement. To this effect, they advise everyone to make sure that they are always trying to improve themselves. If you consistently try to improve yourself in a variety of ways then you would soon realize that you are succeeding more often in life. This is the biggest proof that self improvement should be considered one of the prime purposes of existence.

What Is Enlightenment?

“If I could define enlightenment briefly I would say it is the quiet acceptance of what is.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer As simple as this definition seems to be, how often do you quietly accept what is?

The Power of Words – You Become What You Say

The power of words has often become debated as to how it can affect our lives. Most successful people tend to agree with the idea that you become what you say. Your words are a deeper reflection of what is going on inside your head.

3 Ways To Make This Your Best Year Yet

Hope you had a spectacular holiday and a Happy New Year! I had a wonderful holiday of being unplugged, doing some skiing with my family, and some serious R&R!

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