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Find Yourself Arguing More Than You Want?

With the possible exception of trial lawyers, no one really enjoys arguing-especially when it comes to relationships. However, while arguments are bound to crop up from time to time, with a little practice and effort, you can learn to head them off at the pass. So the next time you feel yourself or your significant other gearing up for a fight, try these three simple tips to diffuse the situation.

5 Ways to Start to Create a Satisfying Life

Sometimes we may not always feel that we are where we would like to be in life. Its just about learning to accept where you are and enjoy life everyday on your journey to where you would like to be.

Self-Awareness – Recognizing the Seeds of Growth

Imagine you are driving on a dark and relatively isolated highway. You have a two hour drive to reach your destination and you feel relaxed, perhaps even singing a favorite song.

Should I or Should I Not Go Back to School?

Making the decision on whether you should go back to school can really be a very difficult decision. Will my life change, What happens if I fail, is the cost really worth it are just some of the many questions I am sure you have asked yourself. Below I will trying to explain some of the advantages and disadvantages of going back to school.

Human Illusions

An Illusion by definition is something that creates a false impression of reality. And as Humans we are experts at being and creating Illusions.

Patching Holes

I have always said that I do not wish to be a victim of my past, and continually work on giving up my personal history knowing that tomorrow is just another day. I still hold strong to the notion of embracing our pasts, learning from our mistakes, then putting it all on a shelf and letting go.

Overcoming Fear Of Abandonment Is Not Easy

I am one of those people who has always had a hard time dealing with the loss of people in my life. While some people, like my grandmother and father, passed away, others left for reasons that are still quite unknown to me. After dealing with so many people leaving my life, I ended up with this huge fear that no one would ever stay in my life for long.

Why We Regress to 5 Year-Olds Under Stress

Here’s an easy question: The last-or most memorable-time you said something hurtful you came to regret, were you basically feeling calm or were you feeling stressed out? So often, when we lash out at a spouse, partner or family member, stress is a factor. It may well start with a legitimate grievance, but add into the mix a bad day, a bad headache or other underlying stressors, and suddenly mature adults can regress to five-year-olds-tantrums and all.

Step Up and Claim the Highest Possibility for Your Life

Fulfilling your true potential is about aspiring towards the highest possibility for your life. This article explores what keeps people functioning at survival level and what facilitates the flourishing of human potential.

Understanding The Mystery Of Life

What is life all about? Why are we here? Is there a purpose to all creation, and if there is, what is it? Yes there is. But you cannot understand your true purpose for being without firstly getting in touch with the One Who created all things. After all, He Who made all things and all people knows why He created us. He has a plan, a Divine Purpose for all of us. And if we determine to seek Him with all of our hearts He is sure to reveal that Plan to us. Do you really desire to know what life is all about. Then please read on.

Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan – To Achieve Success

Plan your work and work your plan is a recipe for success if only we all follow the two-step process in its entirety: we must first plan and after that, we must put what was planned into action i.e we must work the plan. The making of resolutions when we first prepare ourselves to do something and later on follow up by putting into practice what that something is comes solidly within the afore-mentioned two-step format.

Rituals Help Us Deal With Loss

If we live long enough, we all have to face loss. Here are two very different rituals for dealing with loss, one following the loss and one preceding the actual death.

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