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Are You Too Self Aware?

Being too self aware is to focus one’s attention to monitor the self and in trying to control the present self in too great a detail, or by reducing oneself as if saying that one hair is all the hairs an individual has. While self-awareness teaches us to anticipate our own reactions, teach us to know what our self is, and is a part of our becoming our own kind, we can at times be overwhelmed by monitoring too closely our self, similarly if we were driving a car without paying attention to the road we are driving in.

Ten Keys to Living a Balanced Life

What is balance in life? Are you living a balanced life? Not many of us are. Balance in life is different for everyone. All the parts of your life are not equal and you should not think you have to spend equal time on each of them.

Eight Keys to Inner Peace

Ahh peace! We all yearn for it but sometimes it seems to be very illusive. We get so caught up in our everyday lives and all the stuff going on that we don’t even notice we are not at peace until something happens to trigger our emotions. Then we realize we are definitely not at peace. We are full of stress and anxiety half of the time. Given the pace at which we live and all of the things we try to do I guess that is to be expected.

Benchmarks For Living the Good Life

What are you doing and celebrating that indicate that you are achieving your life’s goals around how you live? What I mean by that is how do you know you are living a good and fulfilling life? Have you made goals for that?

The Biggest Mistake You’ll Ever Make in Your Life

Do you have a family, a significant other, children, a cat or dog, a fish or bird? Anyone or anything in addition to yourself that you love, care for, cherish, respect, desire to care for and do. Are you providing for them in the manner they desire, you desire, that you should be?

Important Decision Points in Life

As you walk on the journey of life you will make a number of decisions. Daily you will make decisions pertaining to things you want to do that very day. However, along the way, there are critical decisions that you will have to make that will impact your life forever. Your life’s outcomes are influenced directly by the quality of decisions you will make. You should never blame anything or anyone for these outcomes as you would have exercised your own right to make decisions for your life. Learn some of the important decisions you will ever make in life.

Getting Unstuck by Forgiving Yourself

Forgiving yourself is one of the hardest things you have to do in life. We often find that we can forgive other people easier and more readily that we can forgive ourselves. Why are we so hard on ourselves?

Be in Control of Life

Do you ever feel your life is out of control? Do you feel life is having you rather than you having a life? It is a crummy feeling and it can be frustrating and down right scary at times. It is definitely stressful and it often causes great anxiety. You can get your life back in control. It is not easy but by following the three ideas in this article you can begin to get a hold on it again.

When is Enough Enough?

How do you know when you have had enough. When you have tried and tried to no avail? When have you had your fill of the pain and desperation you feel? It is hard to decide when enough is enough.

Stop and Smell the Roses

How busy is your life right now? Is it a whirl wind of activity? Is your plate over flowing?

Fundamental Statements of Self-Existence

In nature of independent objects, there is never a problem, but only what is thought as problematic in the things that are as they are. To solve a problem, we must therefore essentially solve an idea, and thus all the problems that are not caused by the forces of nature exist in the realm of ideas that consequently causes the problems to exist in human life.

One Mistake and All Good is Forgotten! Life As the Fall Guy

Every year for the past few years I meet up with some friends, some that I grew up with and have known all of my life, and play in a veterans 6-a-side football tournament. It is a family day out and a bit of fun for our team.

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