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Installing the Upgrade: Over-Writing Your Limiting Beliefs

Consider for a moment, a brand new high speed computer right out of the box. Plug it in and you are provided with a world of unlimited potential and possibilities right at your fingertips. However, a computer, no matter how potentially powerful it is, ultimately is only as good as the internal programs that are currently installed and activated and will only perform within the limitations of the specific programs.Very much like a computer, the inside out approach acknowledges that we are just like the computer with unlimited potential but at the same time, we are also dependent upon and limited by the programs currently installed and running inside of each of us.

Improving Yourself From the Inside Out – A Better Way to Succeed

Our world is complex and difficult enough without us having to be weighed down by the whispering voices of negativity and fear placed inside of us by others and even by ourselves as a reaction to past situations that once produced pain and anguish. These internal voices make risking and taking on new challenges more difficult and keep us from success.

Quietness – Does It Come From Shyness and Fear or Calm Spiritual Confidence?

Quietness around other people is not necessarily a sign of spiritual calmness. It could be contempt which is a deliberate withdrawal from other people coming from disgust and disrespect. It could be shyness. Shyness is a weakness in the personal and emotional growth of the individual. As a child and teenager, I was very quiet and shy. Apart from a naturally introspective personality, the quietness was primarily driven by fear. This was deliberately overcome when I made a conscious decision, at age fifteen, to stop living in social fear and started trying to reach out to my school peers in a proactive way.

Find Your Real Self After Divorce

Following a major breakup or divorce, the initial fear of dying alone surrounded by cats is often compounded by the comparisons to other people’s lives. Here are 3 steps to reconnect with yourself and create the new life you want.

Seeing Beyond the Masks and Guises of Fear

Seeing beyond the mask and guises of fear, enabling personal empowerment in all areas of your life. Walking a new path of self-acceptance for yourself and others in your life that will enable new personal freedom beyond your imagination. Beginning your journey to your truth, the only truth that truly matters in your life.

Five Levels of Friendships

Smarmy quotes about friendship posted on Facebook walls do nothing to clarify the meaning of this serious human yearning. Friendship is experienced on at least five levels. Passing friendship is the first level.

Why Listening Is Difficult for Most People

Do you have the habit of interrupting a conversation, informal or formal, with this “Beg your pardon?” or “Come again,” interjections? “Don’t we all?

How to Choose Your Vocation

Choosing the right vocation can be difficult for a young adult, due to several influences of authority figures, parents and peer pressure. Despite those challenges, you must do it right to become successful in life. Trust me you wouldn’t want to spend long years in college or undergo technical training with all the rigors, just to satisfy your parents wish and find out only too late that you are bored with that occupation or trade would you? To guide against choosing a wrong vocation which is difficult to change, you must identify what your natural talent is.

Slave to the Telephone

“Domination by telephone” is a familiar complaint of my clients, who often feel that they have no alternative to accepting calls no matter how frequent or unwelcome. The observation that “you train people how to treat you” applies to the telephone as much as elsewhere. You get to set the rules for the frequency of calls and who will initiate them.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want or Get What You Need

In the famous Rolling Stones song Mick Jagger reminds us of life’s greatest paradox – we can’t always get what we want. Over the years, the song line has evoked mixed feelings with me, since there are aspects to it which I do not entirely side with.

Overeating From Stress? Try H.A.L.T.

Do you find you overeat when you are stressed? You are not alone. Here are some techniques to help you end stressed eating.

Changing Yourself Is a Full Time Job

Let Go and Let God is a 12-step slogan that is widely used. This article sheds light on the meaning of each phrase and includes some further exploration of the term.

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