Don’t Try Too Hard When Manifesting | Do This Instead!

Are You Afflicted With Pleasing-Itis?

When you try to please everyone, you won’t please anyone. We infect ourselves with pleasing-itis for all sorts of reasons: to avoid risk or failure; to be liked; to feel safe. It does none of those things. You will always be your most successful and – more importantly – happiest when you are authentic, unique, and living your values.

Very Pretty, But Does It Work?

We consumers place too much emphasis on appearance and not enough on quality, functionality, and durability. We deserve what we get.

Tips And Guidelines on How To Write a Personal Development Plan

Coming up with a great personal development plan can be both therapeutic and overwhelming. By writing about your goals, skills and the things in life that make you feel fulfilled, you may end up discovering some things about yourself that you never knew before.

Healing Repressions

Major fears, sadness, and anger tend to be repressed because they are unpleasant to face. We do not know how to deal with them. Of course, society demands restraint. We obviously cannot rant and rave to every person we feel annoyed with. We cannot go around angrily blaming every poor soul that crosses our path. We cannot crumble into a bumbling heap of fear whenever we are challenged or anxious. We cannot crawl into a little ball of despair and refuse to face the world because we are disheartened and sad. Hopefully, as a child, we learned some restraint and level-headedness. However, we transfer these necessary learned responses into indiscriminate repression.

Eleven Tips for “Getting Along Well”

There are many reasons as to why we get along well or do not with others. Most of these reasons have either an emotional basis or a logical basis or a combo. Fundamentally, every person has, among others, two basic needs irrespective of social status or economic status. They are “meaningful social inclusion” and “an acceptable & recognizable identity”. It is the ability of a person to get along well with others that largely determines the extent of fulfillment of these two needs.

Healing And Re-Parenting Your Inner Child

Sitting across from my husband and our daughter, while he was reading a bedtime story to her, I was reminded that my dad was not available to me in this way when I was a child. I distinctly remember a sentence he uttered when I was nineteen: “Your mother was responsible for the love in the house and I was responsible for bringing the money into the house.”

Soul Love

Soul Love… and how to identify it! We all want love! We are beings that crave attention, love, nurturing and care.

What Will 2014 Bring?

What happened in 2013? And what will 2014 bring? For many the challenges of 2013 have brought about pain, suffering, enlightenment, challenges beyond comprehension and deep reflection.

Do You Know When You’re WINNING?

Winning is one of those concepts that are often interpreted significantly differently by different individuals. Since we are all individuals, with personal goals, needs and attitudes, this is understandable, yet for us to maximize our positive personal development, and to grow to be the best we can be, it is often incumbent upon us to identify what WINNING means to us personally, and to have some way of evaluating the constituents of the process, and how we might best proceed in our own most impactful manner. After all, how can we actually be a winner if we are not sure…

Keep Your Promises and Your Professional Reputation

Make it a rule to always keep your promises. At the very least, proving that you are dependable is good business. Keeping your promises means you don’t “burn bridges” with people who depend on you, and since you don’t know when or where you’ll meet up with those people in the future, you have everything to gain.

What DO I Really Want?

We all come to a point in our lives where we begin to wonder what it is we really do want out of life and if what we’re doing at the present time really does make us happy or is in fact fulfilling. In fact, studies show that many people lose sleep worrying about what they really do want out of life. If this has come up for you or you just want to learn more about what you can do when it does, I invite you to have a look at this article. It might just be something you can keep in your back pocket for future reference.

What Is Life’s Purpose And How Important It Is For Your Day-To-Day Life?

We all long for one and the same thing – to live a meaningful life. We all ask one and the same question: What are we living for? What are we doing in this world? To find the answers to these questions, first of all, we all need to learn and understand what is our life purpose, and what is more substantial- how important it is for your day-to-day life. And when you learn it, it would help you to focus more on every single day of your life, and to cope with it easier.

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