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Letting Go Of Judging Others

Our intolerance of others is largely influenced by the filters we use to perceive them. Regrettably, a distorted lens composed of one’s prejudices and limitations obscures our interaction with people. We are absorbed in our own reality, to walk a mile in another person’s shoes comes at the expense of judging them.

Why Reinvent Yourself?

Reinventing yourself is a daily activity that never stops. Concentrate on action, not goals. You want to move toward your life theme, not a goal that ends short of your potential. Or worse, ends in failure. You control your actions, not results. As long as you are reinventing yourself daily, there is no failure.

Upgrade Your Thinking From Inside Out

Do you struggle with sadness and feel overwhelmed by your emotions? Have you ever considered upgrading your thinking? We upgrade our computers without too much consideration but what happens when our thinking needs an upgrade? If you saw the movie “Inside Out’ by Pixar, you may have had an insight into how our minds work, but lets get our mind working the way we want it to and not have our mind take over the thinking process. Upgrading your thinking will offer you an easy technique to deal with any emotion that may be overwhelming or hard to deal with. Check it out.

Every Piece of Who I Am

Who are you, really? How did you get to be the person you have become? Is it DNA, a birth sign or learned responses from your childhood surroundings; is anyone predisposed to become the person they are? If so, does this also mean we are like a ship blown about in the ocean of life without a sail, that we have no control over today or our future? What determines who we become?

Put Yourself in Heavenly Hands

Discerning the difference between a smooth pebble and a precious pearl requires being able to see them, so is it true when it comes to knowing the difference between what is fearful or fearless within you. This is why only the light of awareness of the entangled existence of these worlds can lead you safely through them and into the holiness that you seek. This awareness is choice, and this choice is action; together, they are one movement that serves a single divine purpose: to deliver you from out of the fearful hands of the lower worlds and into the loving hands of heaven.

Effective Listening, More Important Than Speaking

It is much more important to be able to listen correctly to hear what is really being said, than to make another understand what you want to say, in the ultimate goal of perfect communication. More emphasis must be placed on listening and understanding.

The Template of Truth

The glory of the moment may not just be for the moment if you look beyond the moment, a deep look at the odds will tell you how the story may go. The river’s direction is beyond its origin, the water fall falls for a reason if you care to look beyond the fall. A beautiful smile is coming from somewhere far away from the reality you behold.

Happy Days the Holidays – Why They Matter

Remember your best holiday; how about the worst one of all? Why do we remember holidays with much greater clarity than other times in our lives, why are they important? Holidays carry on the ancient tradition of celebrating things with a ceremony; the seasons, harvests and the important events that matter to each culture. Ceremonies are important to humans; they cement a lifetime of memories into our minds and hearts. They make us pause from everyday life and look closely at something our nation believes is noteworthy. Whatever the holiday, we are reminded that this day is important.

3 Questions To Help Discover Your Passion

Searching for and discovering your passion, or mission in life, and building a fulfilling life, can begin by asking yourself certain inward-looking questions. The answers to these questions are unique to each of us. And the learning and discovery process of searching for the answers to these questions will help you begin to formulate what you are passionate about in life. Hopefully, these questions will lead you to more questions and to more self-discovery.

Where Do Beliefs Come From and What Are They For?

Your beliefs are the foundation of the perception that you have of yourself and the world around you. Your thoughts are shaped by your beliefs and when you uncover and understand your subconscious beliefs, your whole life will shift to a new level.

Caring Holiday Gifts for Someone Who Has It All!

Get off the humdrum merry-go-round of giving gifts that stay in the box or gather dust on the shelf. Here are a few unique holiday gift suggestions for those people who are impossible to buy gifts for — those that have it all and those that are just plain persnickety. Give them gifts that give back in caring, humanitarian ways or that help them in ways they might never considered. Be a gift-giving hero this year!

Air Out The Funky Secrets, Allow The Light Of Understanding To Enter

Love is a powerful thing. Of course, everybody knows that. We believe, that with our love we can affect a loved one’s behaviour. We worry like crazy when they are sick, and try our best to steer them on to a path we think is right, but can love really make them stay or follow the path we want them to?

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