Don’t Put Your God On Me

The iLiving App and the Power of Three

The iLiving App (iLA) is the first app of its kind. It incorporates the power and performance of three global industries. The power of three is the explosive mobile app world that merged with the self improvement industry while being promoted by the network marketing arena. Each of these three are multi-billion dollar industries in their own right, and for the first time they are working hand-in-hand to change the world one person at a time.

Will Your Divine Serpent Rise On the Year of the Snake?

It is no coincidence that the first year of the New Humanity happens during the Year of the Snake in the Chinese zodiac. What does this mean within the context of the Divine Feminine regaining power and Mother Earth shifting to a higher dimension?

Dream It! Aim High! Live It!

There is an approach to achieve your goals. There are certain principles successful people follow who take their life personally and professionally from level to level. They make sure everyday, in some way they dream it, aim high and live it.

5 Things To Do When You’re Bored

With so many things available to us, it’s almost shocking when people say they are bored. And yet they are. Is there something that can be done about it? Absolutely.

The Best Relationship

Since Valentines Day comes in February, this month is all about sharing the love. It’s about recognizing, acknowledging and appreciating those you love.

Sales Tip: Consultative Sales

Questions, questions, and more questions! Sales is a journey of discovery and it’s up to you to be the guide through the mountains of information available. Asking questions is the most important key in any sales transaction.

Five Reasons Failure Makes You Successful

We tend to think of failure as a bad thing. But it can actually be a predictor of your success depending on how you handle it. There are at least five reasons failure will ultimately make you successful.

Empowering Women – Connect With Your Inner Goddess

To be you is the truest act of love in this world. And love is the magic that exists in the world. Learning to love (or at least like) who you really are is not always easy, but it can be learned with practice. Once you begin to open up to you, you will find that life opens up.

Sincerity And Best Wishes

When did we all get so lazy and impersonal? Did it begin with our technology – driven society, or did it begin before that and did technology merely bring the condition to a head, and make it even more pronounced? When was the last time you called a company, whether it be a credit card company, store, office, or government agency, and had a real person pick up the telephone?

How to Live a More Conscious Life

To be more conscious and live a more conscious life means to be aware of yourself internally and externally at each moment. If you are conscious, you are aware of the present moment and the fact that your inner self is awakened. It is being mindful and feeling the air entering and exiting your lungs. It is being present with your thoughts and emotions.

Do You Compare Yourself to Others?

Do you measure yourself up against your peers, your mentors or just people you see in the gym, on the street as you walk to college or in a Cafe or restaurant while you’re enjoying a tea or coffee? Comparing our achievements, looks and personal progress to others is accepted as being normal and inevitable, we all do it, whether it’s intentional or not and if you don’t then you’re considered odd. The thing is though we needn’t do it.

2 Critical Success Factors You Need To Know on How To Succeed

Goal achievement whether it is in fitness, life or any other area is a big area and is one where people often fail to give enough attention. This article will illustrate 2 most critical success factors people need when trying to achieve their goals, whether they are fitness related goals like needing to lose a stone or more, get the bodies they want and deserve, get the energy and confidence they need. The critical success factors can also be translated to any other area of your life also because these problems occur in every facet of our lives.

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