Don’t Let Your Ego Mind Stop You From Manifesting Your Dreams

Communication Tactics For Overcoming Shyness And Build Self-Confidence

If you are one of thousands who suffer from shyness or anxiety, follow these simple strategies to build self-confidence while overcoming shyness forever. Many people suffer from anxiety, shyness and a sense of bashfulness in all sorts of social situations. These feelings are normal but, if not dealt with, they can take over and become a habit.

Shedding Light on a Fear of Ageing

  There’s no such thing as the fountain of youth – and there’s certainly no cure for ageing. But according to a recent study conducted by medication giant Pfizer andseveral other prominent health advocacy organizations, your attitude towards ageing is important. The study itself was meant to spark conversation on the topic of ageing in order to dispel myths and combat the all-too-common fear of ageing.

Book Review: Consciousness Explained

  What are your thoughts on consciousness? In a book called Consciousness Explained, written in 1991, American philosopher Daniel Dennetdiscusses a new model of human consciousness which he calls the “multiple drafts” model. This model is unique in that it offers the perspective that consciousness is not one single experience or place – there are a number of processes going on in the brain which constitute consciousness.

How Good Are You at Meeting the Commitments You Make With Yourself?

When you make a commitment with yourself, do you generally keep all of them? Or do you continually let yourself down? Always remember that there is always a price to be paid when you make a commitment or promise to yourself. That price can either be one of regret or one of accomplishment. Which one do you most often choose?

Beautiful People

You’ve probably heard the phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” There is a great deal of truth to that statement for each of us have our own take on what is beautiful. It is our perception of beauty that gives us our belief. We all enjoy looking at what society says is a beautiful person – striking appearance, great looks, sexy body – but there is so much more to beauty than what you see on the outside. Beauty must radiate outwards from within. Beauty fades over time, but internal beauty can shine brilliantly all through ones life. A really beautiful being is one who loves fully and spread that love to everyone who crosses her/his path.

Sylvia’s Weight Loss Problem Melts Away

Weight gain can be a symptom of depression. When you are alone and you can only see yourself and your world through your own eyes, it can be hard to see reality. Your own fears and childhood beliefs affect your moods. This little tale shows how giving to others of your time and energy can help lift your spirits, allowing love to grow.

Men Being Emotionally Mature

How does anyone become emotionally mature is a matter for debate and I believe it is through talking and sharing with other people that helps the person to be guided towards this level of maturity. I know in my case that I had to go through a lot of honest soul-searching to allow myself to become fully aware of other peoples emotions and to own my own.

Building Rock Solid Integrity

Your character defines who you are. In today’s world of cutting corners and doing what feels good, integrity is becoming a rare trait. Your level of true success in life will be dependent on your development of the attributes of integrity. The true test of a person’s integrity can be to observe them when they are angry, in love, when promoted, when going through hard times and defeat, at times of good fortune and victory. Develop yourself to a point that your integrity is rock solid regardless of the situation. Here are some of the mindsets and actions of true integrity.

Commitment, Promises, and Pledges

Something to Think About: “Any resolution or decision you make is simply a promise to yourself, which isn’t worth a tinker’s damn unless you have formed the habit of making it and keeping it. And you won’t form the habit of making it and keeping it unless right at the start you link it with a definite purpose that can be accomplished by keeping it.” -Albert Gray

How Can I Feel More Generous?

I suppose it takes one to know one, but I admit giving my money away does not come easy to me. It never seems to occur to me to buy an unplanned gift for someone to mark a special occasion. Some of us are a bit stingy and penny-pinching whereas others seem to have a natural generosity. Maybe you differ from others in the extent you give to people begging in the street or in whether you make out monthly direct-debits to deserving causes. So if you are a bit like me just how do you learn to become more generous?

Traits of Highly Resilient People

Resilience is having the capacity to bounce back from adversity, and to successfully adapt to difficult situations. People who have this flexibility are adaptable and realistic in their thinking. They see failure as just a momentary set back. Basically they don’t take no for an answer. Whatever negative encounter they come across they apply the experience in a self- empowering way to move themselves forward.

How to Achieve Personal Development Goals

Set your personal goals, make a bucket list to achieve your desires in life. Develop yourself not only personally, but also professionally.

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