DON’T Let This KEEP YOU POOR! | Wealth and Abundance Secrets [Law of AttrACTION]

Just Because You Attracted Them Doesn’t Mean You Have to Do Lunch!

You attracted them, no what? Set boundaries and find strategies to deal with difficult people.

You Can Be Who You Imagine Yourself to Be

Running a marathon changed Suzanne’s life. To quote her, “We can be who we imagine ourselves to be. So, we must be careful to allow ourselves to dream of the best, and then repeat it daily!”

Developing “Life Skills” Is Important

Life skills add value to you, your career and your future in more ways than you can expect. Here are some life skills you should start developing early on…

How to Use Brain Science to Set Better Boundaries

One of the predicaments I often see in clients lately is the struggle to set clean and compassionate boundaries in the midst of abundant options. How do you stay on course with what matters most, and what is in the way of doing that right now? In the old days, ancient history when I was young, there were simply less choices. We had only three TV stations. The only way to get a message was by being present for a phone call or a physical letter in the mail. Remember that? There was only one phone service, and the phone choices you had were the color and the standard versus “princess phone” model. Nowadays we can’t ask the world to get simpler and quieter, so we have to master the art of setting boundaries to protect our most purposeful priorities–and at the same time do it in a way that honors our values.

Unlock Your Potential

Do you desire to be the best you can be? Unleash your creativity, gain self expression, self esteem, self confidence, self empowerment and self mastery? You can have all these things. In fact you have them already, you just need to find them and unlock them. Unlock YOUR potential…

Identifying Negative Beliefs Around Money

So what are your beliefs around money? When you sit in quiet and reflect, letting your mind drift back to when you were young, what do you hear your Mum and Dad saying about money?

The Pitfalls of Peer Pressure

“My son, if sinners entice you, DO NOT CONSENT.” Peer pressure is as old as the human race.

What the Beach Boys, The Beatles and UB40 Have Taught Me About Business

Sometimes, we have to take our inspiration wherever we find it. As entrepreneurs, we’re often accused of being just a little crazy. How else can we explain the sacrifices we choose to make so that we’re able to appreciate our small victories? Or the bigger picture that we so clearly see but find it almost impossible to articulate? What becomes for us the relentless pursuit of our dreams can too easily be brushed off as over-indulgence, even by those who love us. But we’re never lost when we have music.

Take Good Care of Yourself and Others Will Benefit

Many people feel that there is merit in always putting other people first, in taking care of others and attending to their needs before their own. And indeed it’s important to be considerate, understanding and empathic of our friends, family and colleagues. But we also have a responsibility to ourselves, to our own quality of life and happiness. When we look after ourselves other people will reap the rewards too.

The Self-Help Myth, Ponder This

There is an entire industry built around the term ‘self-help’… in the opinion of this author, there is a basic flaw… The biggest obstacle to the entire concept of self-help is very simply the ‘self’ component of it all.

Experience Is Good, But Can Be Better

There is good news and bad news about experience. A continuing combination of study and experience is most effective. When we stop learning we stop succeeding.

Four Cheap and Futile Ways to Acquire Confidence

Google “self-confidence” and you will get three-bazillion web pages that suggest a variety of ways for you to gain self-confidence. Some promise instant self-confidence if you do this or act like that. Common sense tells you nothing as powerful as quiet self-confidence comes once you learn a few tricks and make a few tweaks to your personality.

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