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How to Quit Your Negative Self-Talk

“When you judge yourself, you break your own heart.” Unknown This week, in working with one of my new clients, I noticed how negatively she spoke about herself. In a meeting with her supervisors and myself, she said, “I know I’m really stupid on this kind of stuff, but I’m going to really try and learn it”.

5 Dangers Of 21st Century Living

If the only time you give yourself to really unwind is on annual holiday then the chances are you will never really unwind. Digital mobile technology, with iPads and Smart phones, has made it harder to get away from work and relax. I read today that by 2014 more mobile internet searches will be done than from a desktop. Many people are potentially addicted to being connected to the internet (and therefore tied to work) and feel incomplete if they are out of contact even for a day.

Do You Believe in Fate or Do You Believe in The Law Of Attraction?

My mother is a staunch fatalist. She has never heard of the Law of Attraction. She believes 100% in fate. Her favorite saying has always been: “If it’s meant to be it will be” I can always remember her telling me when I was younger that our whole lives were already mapped out before us. We had no choice. We just had to accept what life had chosen for us and make the best of it!

4 Ways To Boost Your Confidence

You need confidence to handle any situation in life. If you don’t have it, try these 4 ways to boost your confidence, or at least fake it.

Life Meaning and Fractals – Find New Ways to Thrive in Chaotic Times

We want to believe that our lives have purpose. We yearn to make a difference in the world. Fractals and chaos offer insights for a more meaningful life. We live our passion and thrive.

Making 2012 Special

5 core ideas to make your 2012 the best year ever. Ignite your beliefs to make the shifts necessary for personal and business growth. Changing your mindset and changing your actions create the lifestyle of your dreams.

10 Words to Invoke the Energy of Gratitude

Words are way more than a means of communication; they shape your beliefs, behaviors, feelings and ultimately your actions. Written or spoken, words continuously propel you through life. They make you or break you. They lift you up, drag you down, wound you, and heal you. Words paint the landscape of your world.

Don’t Be Afraid of Getting Dirty

Making change in your life means that no matter how strong your intention, old fears, habits, and thoughts will rise to the surface as the seeds of change take hold in your innermost being. In other words, when you make changes in your life, the resistance comes up first. This resistance, while not always easy to push through, will ultimately make you stronger.

Change Your Life By Changing Your Habits

Want to be more relaxed? More efficient? More successful? Want better relationships in your personal and business life? You can start today.

Stop Wasting Your Time Searching For An Expat Job, Emigrate First

There are many misconceptions about expatriation and one of them is that the only way to get to live and work abroad is to find a company that will send you to their overseas offices. It gets my attention as in my nearly 15 years of expatriation, I have never relied on a multinational to find an overseas job or expat job.

Using Acceptance Instead of Anger

Anger is not an automatic mechanism that works on its own therefore, we have the ability to control our anger. Often when we are criticized about something we would become offensive or anger but constructive criticism is not a bad thing because it can help us to improve our quality of life and ourselves.

The Dreaded Midlife Crisis – How Do We Deal With It and How Can We Embrace Our Midlife Years?

We are all familiar with the stereotypes of midlife crisis- buying a red convertible, spending exorbitant amounts of money on new toys, make impulsive life changing decisions, or taking extravagant vacations. For a long time now these have been the associations related to the midlife years and the term has been generally used as a negative one. Nowadays, the midlife crisis is being viewed as the height of an individual’s life.

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