Don’t Let EGO Ruin Your Manifestation [MUST WATCH!!!]

Replace Head Trash With Positive Affirmations

If you find that you continue to attract the same type of negative friends, unfulfilling relationships, drama, bad luck, negative energy, unrewarding career, bad health, poor physical image, etc, then I bet you are spending a lot of time telling yourself that you do. The good news is that the cycle can be broken and quickly by replacing the negative head trash with positive affirmations. Break the cycle before it breaks you. How long can you afford not to?

Mental Toughness Quotes That Strengthen Your Mindset And Character

Reading mental toughness quotes from some of the world’s most formidable individuals is quite inspiring. It’s always helpful to have such words of wisdom guide you along.

What Am I Meant To Do In Life: Discover Your Life Purpose in Thirty Steps

A step by step guide to discover your life purpose in less than a month. It is guaranteed to work!

What Am I Meant To Do In Life: Discover Your Life Purpose in Thirty Steps

A step by step guide to discover your life purpose in less than a month. It is guaranteed to work!

Own Your Life By Changing Your Perception

There are many reasons that we suffer from low self-esteem, usually because someone said or did something to hurt us and we cannot forget about it. When we were children we were likely told “not to be so silly” or “why are you so naughty?” Some people can shrug these comments off easily but others hold onto them and they start to fester.

News Flash: Humankind Is Evolving!

I’m sure you’ve heard of Eckhart Tolle’s books, one of which was included in Oprah’s Book Club a few years ago, with 3.5 million people reading it together and discussing it over the internet! And I’m sure you’ve heard of The Secret (book and DVD) that millions were talking about just a few years ago… So what’s going on? Why all this recent interest in these spiritual, even esoteric, topics?

The Enlightenment Factor

Buddha sat under the tree for many years, and the thirty years before Jesus Christ had his ministry were spent being prepared for it, Mohammed and Moses roamed the desert half crazy looking for it, among many others. This is enlightenment that everyone is looking for, but few are patient enough to find assuredly.

Four Little Words That Will Change Your Life

There’s something magical about the four words I’m going to share with you. There is more power in saying these words with emotion, then in anything else I know. And yet, you’ve heard them before…they are not a secret, nor are they hidden from you. In fact, I’m guessing that this post will reveal nothing new to you, but will powerfully remind you of the easiest way to be happy and peaceful in life.

What Is Love But An Axle That Needs To Revolve In Order To Grow

In our busy world, there are but numerous circles or wheels per se wherein each revolves going about daily duties and the axle maintains equilibrium. Today’s axle has the benefit of stability controls ensuring the wheels function separately and when called upon to work side by side they do so in synchronicity and harmony. Nothing comes to those who pursue it with excessive expenditure of energy and to quote Anne Morrow Lindbergh ‘Patience Patience Patience and wait for a gift from the sea. To meditate on knowledge exemplifies our trust in God and thus we reciprocate his love by learning how to live within the guidelines love expects. God created us for growth so we could embrace change as it was presented to us and out of love the earths axis centralized that meaning thus it shall behoove us to rotate on the axis of loving life.

Reasons To Embrace God’s Love That Explain World Difficulties

In real estate lingo, one is urged to always consider location as the premier reason for purchasing a particular property and to wander away from this modus operandi invokes the question why. World difficulties also beg the question why are we experiencing so much strife in all corners of the globe and there is one underlying reason that is easy to understand. When it comes to faith, there is no perfect location beyond the power within and when situations require resolutions, we find them through faith in God. How do we turn our woes into triumphs is explained through why do you want to and are you willing to go the extra mile if shown a true path?

Steps To Attract a Better Life, Perhaps Even an Enhanced Love Life

Keep it simple and take a cue from another source that may be beneficial to attaining your desires. In real estate vernacular the focus is on location with our lives the focus is on our essence. There are some primary guidelines that are worth taking notice of and perhaps adjusting to suit your particular situation. Women appreciate men who take time with details and men are always welcomed who focus their attentions on the lady or ladies in their company with shared conversations not male dominated trips across memories of a football field. Expanding ones mind shows intelligence and rounded conversation is more interesting and if you try to fix the world maybe you will lose her, practice discipline and poise.

Guilt – The Most Useless Emotion

The only beneficial use I’ve found for guilt is as an indicator that one has veered off your moral path. And even if we concur that this is a helpful use of guilt, it is only needed for a moment…until you course correct. So, at best, it’s a very short-term feeling that helps one to get back on track.

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