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Charisma And The Power Of Body Language

Think of someone you know that is charismatic. Picture them in your head right now. Are they slouched over, looking depressed? I seriously doubt it.

Can We Change Our Character?

Our character is an aspect which plays a major role in our perception and interaction with the outside world. Ultimately, it affects our lives on many gross and subtle levels. Any excessive quality in our character can easily turn into a problem either for us or for those around us.

Do You Learn From Your MISTAKES?

There has been so much discussion about how important making mistakes or errors are, in terms of our personal growth and/ or development. However, the reality is that making a mistake doesn’t help us any, until and unless we learn something substantive from them, and that empowers us by helping us avoid repeating making the same ones over and over again! Therefore, it is important to recognize that merely under – achieving or proceeding in error, achieves little of significance, unless we dedicate ourselves to gaining something important, and thus learning from our MISTAKES, in order to become better in…

Words And Deeds – What’s Your SYNERGY?

How often have you witnessed an apparent disconnect between what many people say and imply that they’ll do (or support), and their actual deeds and actions? It is far easier to overly rely on lots of empty rhetoric, rather than to muster all one’s strengths and energies in a meaningful and forceful manner, to assure things get achieved impactfully, as desired. We must urge those in positions of leadership to act on their rhetoric, but even more essentially, we each, personally, need to properly align our words and our deeds, so that we are able to maintain our personal integrity…

Four Ways to Break the “Busy” Cycle

The start of a new school year is a valuable time to consider your schedule and pace of life. Get off the treadmill and live with greater peace and joy in this new season!

Learning To Love Yourself: Building Self-Esteem

People often overlook the importance positive self-esteem can have on their life. There are many things that can cause a person to perceive themselves as unworthy.

11 Components Of Employeeship

Friendship is what it takes to be a good friend. Citizenship is what it takes to be a good citizen. Similarly, Employeeship is what it takes to be a good employee. President John F. Kennedy in 1961 had remarked, “Ask not, citizens of America, what our country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country!” Exactly along the same lines, Employeeship is all about every employee doing her best for the company to make it good or better. Employeeship concerns everyone in the organization, regardless of the level or the qualification. Every employee should display the Employeeship attitude, i.e. responsibility (and accountability), (professional & goal-based) loyalty, and initiative.

How to Use Focusing With a Difficult Situation in Your Life

You have heard about Focusing, or read the book and you want to try it out for yourself. Something in your life is stuck, difficult or not working for you. You may be experiencing stress, overload, confusion or disappointment.

Are You Living In the Present?

Are you living your life in the present or do you lose track of the present and get caught up in the past or look far into the future? We all have a tendency to do this, and whether it’s the past or the future, we lose sight of what’s taking place in our lives right now. If you find yourself stuck in the past or projecting way into the future, you’re likely missing the most important time of your life, and that’s right now. If this sounds like you, I invite you to have a look at my article about this very topic. It may help you return to focusing on the important things you’ve been missing in your life right now.

Life and Lunar Illusions

For emotional stability, it is necessary to accept reality. We cannot change or choose the world,it is not in our control. However, our own actions and thoughts are within our control. and that is what makes our lives meaningful.

7 Ways to Get Insane Focus and Get Things Done ASAP!

How to sharpen your focus and get more of the important things done today? Eliminate all the distraction and learn this 7 insanely simple ways to sharpen your focus, boost your productivity and get more things done by doing less. Here’s how you can do it.

Don’t Suffer, Change Your Words

Words have an emotional impact. Choose wisely.

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