Don’t Get Left Behind | A Message For All Light Workers [This Is Urgent!!]

Re-Educating Your Ego Mind

Your Ego Mind is that part of you which is constantly evaluating and judging you and everything going on around you in an effort to keep you safe, surviving, in control and protected. In the process of doing this, your Ego can either be your worst enemy or your biggest stimulus for change – and sometimes both! Unfortunately, your Ego’s natural tendency is to criticize you in an effort to keep you safe in your tidy (and tiny) little comfort zone, and it doesn’t care if you’re happy or not.

Dealing With a Boring Life

Have you got into the habit of describing your life as boring? Is your life tedious lacking in new experiences and filled with monotony? Have you had enough of saying ‘I’m fed up and bored?’ Do you want to deal with your boring life and instead have a life that is less boring? Here are some things you can do to enjoy life much more and broaden your experiences so that it is no longer boring.

Tips For Appreciating Life

Days go by and too often you don’t really appreciate your life as much as you could. In order to appreciate life much more you could have a gratitude diary. Every day make sure that you write in your diary or journal what you are grateful for and what has been good for you this day.

Boost Your Confidence Instantly

Everybody loves a confident person. You know the type. When you’re around them you feel good in their presence. They seem charming, confident and generally at ease with themselves. Do you know anyone like this?

Learning to Say No: The Art of Keeping Space on Your Plate

“Just say no” has been a frequently used phrase over the last couple of decades. The slogan was widely used in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, to discourage young folks in engaging in drugs or other unhealthy activities. Today, the art of learning to say “no” is a vital skill in stress management. Do you find yourself saying yes to people’s requests, even though you are already crunched for time or resources? This article will explore two common reasons for over commitment, as well as healthy ways to just say no.

Transforming Your Inner Critic

Do you really want to know the secret of your success? I will tell you a secret about yourself that you may not have realized. If only I had known this secret myself when I first started out in life, I would have improved my life and saved myself much suffering. And maybe, because I was young and foolish, I would not have listened. So, YOU be the judge. Will you listen or will you brush it aside and pay no more attention? Behold what you are about to hear!

Even Further

When we feel we have to do something, we tend to find reasons not to. Rather than finding reasons not to, we need to see how we can obey even further than what we are asked to do. What things can we do today that will be over and above what we are called to do?

Life Is Like a Track Meet

Watching each of them focus on the task at hand and seeing the power of their “take-offs,” the sound of their pounding feet on the track, and the grunts from overexertion, I see sensory proof of their efforts, victories, and momentary defeats. Life is very much like a track meet.

What Is A Man Worth?

How is one’s salt measured? Among many other responsibilities for each and every one of us is that of cutting our niche in the society where we live. This is usually easy when one has a bargaining chip like a good education or a big fortune…

Empathetic Listening: 10 Things Not to Do

10 suggestions of things not to do when practicing Empathetic Listening. The art of really listening with your heart to a partner, friend or other person is not as easy as you think it sounds. Here are some tips.

Dead Men Never Make Mistakes

“Dead Men Never Make Mistakes.” One of the great mistakes made to-day is that of not paying sufficient attention to or of placing the proper value on the mistakes of others. The world says it is not interested in knowing of the misfortunes and mistakes of others.

Being Selfish: Is It a Bad Thing?

The word selfish has all kind of associations, however I’m sure one of the images that comes to mind for most of us, is of the person who only thinks about themselves and is extremely self centred. This person only seems to think about what is in it for them and how it will benefit their own life.

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