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How a Baby Changes People – Part 2

The innkeeper was changed from apathy to sympathy – You probably know the story of the birth of Jesus, especially the part where “there was no place for them in the inn.” Though the Bible does not speak of an innkeeper, there must have been one. Someone had to tell Joseph the inn was full and then grant him permission to stay in the stable.

How to Stare Down at Your Failures and Win

“I have failed over and over again in my life. And that’s why I succeed.” “I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career…”

3 Ways to Find Your Purpose in 2016

This article shares 3 ways that you can use in your life to find your passion or let your passion find you. The article also shares limitations that one should look out for as they find their passion.

Are Other People Stopping You From Reaching Your Potential?

How often are we influenced by what people think especially when it comes to our ability to do things? It may have begun in childhood, when adults around us told us we were not big enough or capable of certain things. The impact could be greater if these people were important people to us, parents, grandparents or a favorite aunt.

The Mistake College Graduates and Professionals Make That Can Cost Them Millions

It feels great to finish college. It feels even better to land that white-collar, Corporate America job that you’ve been shooting for all along. All that hard work – the late nights studying or the days spent hunting down an employer.

Are You Conscious?

Many roam this world without being aware of their thoughts, words and actions.. If your reality is basically what you have thought and felt before, then becoming aware will surely start you on transforming your life. In this article, Heerraa gives you some simple explanation on how your thoughts, words and actions affects your reality. Read On!

Which Is Most Likely to Help Me Succeed, To Pull Some Other Person Down or Help Someone Else

By Ron Ross You know the answer: you help yourself most when you help others succeed. But the easier thing to do is pull everyone down, or at least to continue to hang with those who refuse to do anything positive or take any affirmative action to improve their lives. It is easy to find people with whom you can share your desolation; their numbers are legion and their lives are miserable.

How a Baby Changes People – Part 1

The troubled marriage, parents who want their child to change, good people who want a good job, middle-class families who have too much month left at the end of their money, and seniors who worry about outliving their welcome and/or suffering some debilitating disease – they all want something to change. A couple of thousand years ago, a few people had their lives changed by a little baby born in an obscure village called Bethlehem. When they encountered that baby boy, it changed their lives in ways they could never have imagined.

Really, Joy?

You know all those silly quizzes on Facebook. The ones that sometimes you or your friends take. The ones you roll your eyes at when you see them pop on your page?

Get Over Yourself! Whatever Is Happening to You Is Your Responsibility, So Get Over Yourself!

Do people ever bother you? Do you feel you are in circumstances your can’t control? It’s time you started to take responsibility for yourself and get over yourself. We can’t always control what happens to us but we can control how we react to it.

The Peace and Power of Knowing Your Purpose in Life

Life purpose calls us forward. It may be an assignment we answer, something larger than our small selves, that deeply unites us with others, with what is larger than ourselves. We know it when we see it. Our calling may be quiet, but it is always there throughout our lives. We were put here for a reason and we were individually wired and gifted to do at least one thing in this world that really matters. For those of us who are living out their calling every day, our work never seems like work at all. It is, in many ways, an extension of who we are.

How To Become A BETTER You

Each of us can, should, and must improve, if we make up our mind, and are willing to take the time, use one’s energy and other resources, in order to do so! Unfortunately, for a wide variety of reasons, many of us, either don’t admit our weaknesses or personal needs, proceed with proverbial, rose-colored-glasses, or either truly, or act, as if, we know everything, about everything! Once you permit yourself to admit you are not perfect, wouldn’t it make sense, to consider, identify, evaluate, and proactively, try to improve, and, thus, get BETTER?

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